Getting rid of that smell from your Dyson vacuum

I’ve had the handstick (or handheld) Dyson DC59 for about two months now, and there’s been an increasingly strange smell wafting about whenever I used it. Curiosity kills the cat but I had to figure out what that smell was. After a bit of isolation, it turned out to be the filter.

Was I not cleaning the filter correctly though? After a bit of Googling on remedies and common complaints, the answer arrived in the form of a YouTube video from Dyson.

If you notice, the top of the filter has a cap, and it can actually be removed (unclipped), just so you can run tap water directly into the filter itself. The smell was gone right after I did that, and I feel like a prize idiot now. New thing learnt, moving on!

Pretty sure this applies to all handstick non-animal vacuums (DC58 / DC59 / DC61 / DC62), so be sure to give this a try and see if it works. Alternatively, I’ve read a few tips on how a few drops of eucalyptus oil on the filter could mask the smell too.