It’s the little touches that count.

Made some little adjustments to the PnR site over the week, that I thought was long overdue. It turned out to be a lot of sleep lost, and a lot of work being done. Much thanks to the family for allowing me to have the time and space to focus.

  • For starters, a favicon! I thought I’d done that eons ago, but apparently not. Easy enough however.
  • Customising the login page. This doesn’t make a real difference, but I thought it’s a nice touch in making the site look more professional. Yes, even the backend counts.
  • Killing the damn hardwood background. It’s annoyed me sufficiently to warrant a vanishing act, no small thanks to Open Graph’s insistence on including it as a featured image. NO! GO AWAY! Besides, the site looks cleaner without it.
  • Disabled a ton of Open Graph plugins, figured out the best way to make OG work, hit the FB debug tool a gazillion times in frustration. Not perfect, but better now.
  • Removed footer columns – unnecessary fluff for the most part. Definitely helps in loading speed.
  • Removed recent comments from the sidebar.
  • Updated the tagline on the site banner – bet no one even noticed that!
  • A major cleanup on inactive plugins – never leave stuff lying around, as always. Never know when the next vulnerability is going to bite you in the ass.
  • Making Jetpack work – apparently the new Sucuri WAF (web application firewall) was stopping XML-RPC calls from Jetpack.
  • Getting the new WAF to play nice with CloudFlare – thanks to Daniel Cid for his assistance with this.
  • Using the new Related Posts function from Jetpack instead of plugins.
  • Removed the clunky call to action at the end of posts.
  • Went back to the usual social sharing icons in an attempt to make things look more streamlined.
  • Setting up scheduled database backups

The pitch about WordPress is always about how easy it is to use, but writing this post makes me feel like administering a WP site is far from something the average user could do comfortably. And I haven’t even gotten around to optimising the site from Yoast’s site review yet.

Technology, you SOB.

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