From process to goal.

It’s taken a long time, but I find my perspective slowly shifting over the years.

As an engineer, we often pride ourselves on being process-oriented. This means not only knowing how to do things, but do them the right way. Think of it as the difference between doing a job, and doing a good job. Of course, this occupational trait often sends me into mental convulsions whenever I see other people do things in a manner that either defies logic or process. This habit has sadly persisted over the years, and many’s the time ZM and I have swapped stories and shake our heads in mutually understood suffering.

These days though, I’m trying to forget my own perspective, and focus on getting the thing done. What can I do to get this done the quickest way possible? What exactly is the desired outcome? What do I need to know or ask to make this happen? Being goal-oriented makes us forget the “right” way and adjust to a service perspective, where it’s more about delivering results more than fussing over how straight a line is.

Stupidity still makes me feel like barfing though. GET OUTTA MY FACE!

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