Times when the mountain never lets up on you.

“Death is lighter than a feather, but Duty is heavier than a mountain.”

― Robert Jordan, To the Blight

Sometimes, it feels like The Pick and Roll is exactly that. Obviously, I knew it the moment I made the decision to start it, but it’s been an incredibly fulfilling, educational, and at the same time, one of the most exhaustive things I’ve ever done. There is no off day, no offwhateveritis. I’m deeply thankful to #TeamPnR for being there and helping out with various aspects of the site. From writing articles to promoting them. Posting entertaining content to keep the fans coming back for more. Committing to our advertisers and keeping the ship afloat. Endless discussions with the core. Too many to name, and if any of you are reading this: never forget that The Pick and Roll would not be what it is right now, without you. And for that, I’m just glad to have a group of enthusiastic folks share in what seemed like an idea born out of frustration, supreme self-confidence that we could pull it off somehow, and of course, like Terry put it – naivety.

At this point though, I’m just chugging along with a stubborn unwillingness to not make it happen – I’ll do every and any task required to take it to the next level, even if it means burning the candle at both ends and losing more sleep. Just hanging on for the ride!

None of this would have happened of course, without the immense (and sometimes seemingly insane) amount of time and energy I’ve invested. And how did that happen? Only with the unfailing support of my family, have I been able to work at this with 100% focus; safe in the knowledge that my mum, my brother, and my wife would be there to help with everything else. Of course, the reality check inevitably comes, and decisions have to be made.

Life never stops grinding, and it’s all about rolling with the changes that happen, and making adjustments. Whoever said it would be easy? But hell, that’s exactly what I signed up for. One way or another, rest assured in the fact that The Pick and Roll is going to grow.

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