Three Employee Archetypes in the Workplace

Three broad categories, from excellent to horrible. Which category do you belong to? Be honest with yourself, go!

The Innovator

If I’m an employer, these are the people I want. Not content in merely doing their jobs, they constantly think of ways to make work easier. Not only for themselves, but for the people around them, and for the company as a whole. Some people might call them agitators, troublemakers for upsetting the peace, but it’s the movers and shakers like these, that help a company to grow organically in little ways, beyond the official policies that are being set down.

The Executor

Most of us belong in this category. The executor can be trusted to carry out tasks independently within defined boundaries, without causing too many problems. Do what’s needed, get things sorted out, go home. The end. Just grinding away, yo! Ain’t got no time for complicated things.

The Parasite

Like how Bill Simmons would put it, this is the Keep Getting Dem Checks (KGDC) guy, except there seems to be no work involved. The kind of person we secretly envy, and at other times wonder at the value of their existence in the company. What the hell does this guy do at work, exactly? A lot of people probably have that same question.


Bear in mind, we all probably drift from category to category at different times of the year, depending on how we feel. If you’ve lost all interest in your job, it’s no surprise you’re turning into a KGDC guy while keeping a lookout for new opportunities. Learn to love your job and appreciate the positives, try and make things better. We could all use a little upside in our lives!

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