Rooting and restoring Android, plus Dragonball Z.

Life is a neverending journey of learning, so I’ll try to document the little things I learn every day. One never stops learning and growing!

Today, I tried to root my Nexus 4. And bricked it obviously. I had to learn how to get into bootloader mode, flash the Lollipop factory image from Google, re-root it successfully with Chainfire, then install an app to tweak the display settings (looked a little washed out). Also had to learn how to set the root password on my Mac Mini (different from an admin account). The things I waste my time on.

I also took in a crapload of Dragonball Z fan productions on YouTube. Some are hilariously bad, some are really good. The best takeaway was probably Dragonball Absalon, the storyline’s pretty good despite the artwork looking like some 90s computer dating sim.

Finally, reassessed content direction PnR, checked site analytics, and concluded that the NBA side of things might not be the best investment in time moving forward.

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