Limiting the sugar intake.

Read about Steve Nash’s no-sugar diet at random just now. Might be a good idea to work on this gradually and see how things change in terms of energy level and health.

I’ve erased sugar from breakfasts for a while, by taking only snack bars without sugar (Carman’s and Thankyou). Only drink 99-100% orange juices (Coles Finest, Nudie, Grove, or even Black Label) instead of concentrates.


Lately, have begun removing sodas from lunches/meals wherever possible, taking water instead.

Next up, taking away white pasta (durum semolina) and replacing with whole wheat pasta, when it’s time to restock.

Obviously, snacking on chocolates aren’t going to help, so munchies like KitKat, Crunchie and TimTams will be severely limited. (Guess who’s the guy with five packs of TimTam at home?)

Little changes, little steps! It’s funny how all of this BS is coming from someone who hasn’t really given a damn about diet all this time. Coming from an efficiency perspective though, it’s all about making the body work better.

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