Should Instagram add repost as a core function?

It’s interesting how Instagram has lacked a share button for so long. Third-party apps have added the repost capability and allowed IG users to share pictures with greater ease, but think about it. Instagram is a social media channel, and the basic premise of social media is about all about creating and sharing content we like. Without native sharing, Instagram loses an easily accessible channel of allowing content to go viral, which means greater reach for content, greater engagement (tons of love) thanks to an increased audience, and ultimately, greater popularity for its users.

Instagram appears to have made initial steps towards this goal, with a new “Send to” button available, that allows you to share images you like with specific friends.

Taking the road Twitter’s travelled

The next step? Definitely a share button, that I imagine will behave along the same lines of Twitter’s retweet function.

Think about the evolution Twitter’s retweet has undergone. Early Twitter users adopted the RT keyword as a means to identify a retweet. That later on, became integrated into Twitter natively. Nowadays, retweet has been baked right into the core as a function, even allowing users to quote tweets without excessive usage of characters.

Is there any downside to having a native repost function within the IG app?

Sharing instead of creation

Perhaps, the possibility of over-encouraging content sharing, as opposed to content generation. Without constant content generation, we might be looking at an endless stream of constantly reshared content on our Instagram feed, which might not be for the best. Imagine watching the same image pop up on your feed ten times within thirty seconds’ of scrolling.

Does that mean the repost is a bad idea? Hardly. But it might introduce further discussions on how feed quality could be maintained, without appearing overly spammish. For now, my vote is for the repost to be integrated into the Instagram app, natively.

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