The power of constructive criticism

It’s all too easy to make pointed, disparaging remarks on a topic, and all of us have done it before.

Pointing out flaws are a necessary step in the grand scheme of making things better, but what use is knowing a flaw, when a solution cannot be found?

Don’t be a cloud of doom that spews negative energy everywhere. Be positive, be constructive. When discussing a problem, make sure to offer ideas on potential solutions. Or better, offer to help in being part of the answer. There’s nothing better than lending a helping hand to people around you, and given the same circumstances, you’d appreciate the gesture too. Too many cooks spoil the broth at times, but at others, it might very well be the lightning bolt of inspiration you needed to make things work.

Every one of us knows how to whinge. What’s not as easy, is to participate in constructive discussion, and help engineer a solution to the problem at hand.


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