Anchored to the desktop experience in a mobile age

Is it weird that I still like using the desktop computer more than the phone?

Granted, I’m not a fan of sitting at my desk.

But smartphone apps just haven’t quite caught up to me yet. The screen size, the lack of a keyboard (lesser navigation controls) just make it less convenient, and take away from the user experience. It’s a handy substitute on the go, but that’s about all there is.

The tablet has been a middle ground, of sorts. I like my iPad Air for its comfortable screen size. It allows me to watch movies, TV series, anime, and even read manga away from my desk, giving me more of an untethered experience and freedom to laze wherever I prefer.

In saying that, when it comes to being productive, nothing beats having the feel of a keyboard at my fingertips. It would take so much more time to respond to an email (an antiquated communication channel), write a blog post, or edit an article on a mobile device.

Let’s not even start on advanced tasks like video editing, or doing stuff on social media. The controls afforded on the desktop browser, are just more extensive than the ones on a mobile app.

And there’s this annoying thing about Wi-Fi (dropouts, stability issues, channel congestion etc) that just bugs me. If I had a choice between an Ethernet connection and Wi-Fi, I would choose wired every single time. Call me old school, but the network engineer in me prefers stable connectivity every single time.

Things will likely change, and I might find myself completely removed from the desktop in years to come. It just isn’t quite there, right now.

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