Yep, not a fan of iTunes at all.

I’ve been a fan of Every Little Thing (ELT) since years ago, and started listening to them again over the past year.

There was one problem.

ELT doesn’t have their music on Google Play Music, which is where I have most of my music organised.

They do however, have a very extensive collection for sale on iTunes.

You can see where this is going.

“iTunes is a piece of s**t.”

That was my pet remark, back when I was setting up an iPhone 4 at work years ago. I disliked the thing with a passion, and felt that was the barrier to Apple products for me.

That was five years ago. I began my gradual shift to Apple over the past two years; starting with a Mac Mini, and moving on to an iPhone 5S, and then an iPad Air.

Despite my appreciation for OS X, iOS and various Apple products, my opinion on iTunes has not shifted. iTunes is more of a necessary evil than anything else, a bloated piece of antiquated software that stubbornly locks your phone down to a computer.

To be honest, the process of syncing an iPhone on multiple computers (without making the phone wipe itself) might be more trouble than it’s worth, and Apple likely prefers it that way.

Most of my important services are hosted on Google, and I maintain the same alignment even after shifting over to the iPhone. The platform neutrality of various Google services like Gmail, Calendar, and even Google Play Music has made the adjustment a great deal easier – I’m allowed to use the same cloud services, regardless of hardware and operating system.

How I worked around using iTunes on an iPhone

I really wanted to have my music on the phone though, and finally worked something out.

  1. I would purchase the music off iTunes
  2. Have it download on my Mac
  3. Upload the .m4a files onto Google Play Music. This works brilliantly, because the files are already tagged properly with the right ID3 metadata (album, singer, track etc), along with album art.
  4. Download the songs for offline listening onto my iPhone, via the Google Play Music app

Clunky, but works. Thanks, but no thanks, iTunes.

It might be inevitable, but I’m happy with the way things work now. The only Change I need right now, is this track from Every Little Thing.