Tree roots and pipe relining

Living in a house is like having a child – you’re constantly learning new things on the fly, as shit happens.

This house managed to quite literally, shit on us a couple of weeks ago.

The sewage pipe got choked, and water started coming up from beneath the floorboards.

Yeap, that was a WTF IS THIS moment.

Got the plumber in, he had to get the toilet out, use a high pressure hose to clear the blockage –which resulted in more water coming up from the floorboards, brilliant– and after some investigation with a pipe camera, showed me the tree roots that had made its way into the pipe.

Considering the nearest tree wasn’t very near to begin with, this was confusing. At this point, I’d just stopped caring about why, and just zoned in on the “how do I fix this shit?” part.

He said it would take a princely sum (think five digits) to rip the floorboards up, drill through the concrete, and fix the crack.

Yeap, more of that WTF IS THIS.

Kudos to him however, for bringing up an alternative solution ie pipe relining. Zero props for quoting another astronomical figure.

Here’s a video of what pipe relining is, because it’ll explain things much quicker.

TL;DW – less intrusive way to fix a cracked pipe.

After a few days’ worth of conversations with multiple plumbers, it looks like we have a firmer solution in place, and hopefully the pipe will be relined and fixed by the end of this month, at a much more reasonable cost.

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