The end of the lifting era – for a while, at least.

2019 marks the stoppage of life at the gym at lunch hour.

I’d skipped two weeks earlier in the year, when attending to my grandmother’s funeral. Upon returning home, the lassitude persisted, and I missed another week – this really stank, in my mind. The only times I’d ever missed that many days, was during my annual US trips, and even then I’d made sure to hit the gym after two weeks.

Another thing that really got me though, was the lack of feedback I’d been getting from my trainer. Granted, I was paying for a training regime and diet plan more than anything else, but the strange absence of a “hey mate, noticed you hadn’t done any sessions in three weeks, is everything fine?” just felt, empty. It felt like I was paying money every week for literally nothing, and basically paying about three hundred bucks a month to get myself measured, have a short chat to make myself feel better, and get an updated meal/training plan. So, to make matters easier, I cut the subscription right there. There’s no point in continuing something if the dissonance isn’t going away.

I also took the opportunity to cut my gym fees.

There were a couple of reasons (read: excuses) that went into this decision. V wasn’t having the greatest time at work, and I was subconsciously thinking about ways to reduce expenditure, and every cent counted. So little things like replanning my meal prep budget (less meat, more beans) to cutting monthly overheads – I was just getting ready in case shit did hit the fan.

Also, I’d never really liked compound movements, even though they’re the most efficient workouts by far. I would get ankle and knee soreness from squatting whenever I began pushing heavy. Deadlifts weren’t too bad, but I would often have some faint paranoia of fucking it up and getting a slipped disc or two lingering in the back of my mind.

And to be honest, I’d always liked bodyweight exercises more, and had been trending that way before I began training with Tyson a couple of years back.

My current theory: TUT (time under tension) with bodyweight should achieve hypertrophy. Also, work on core! Get stronger.

So, back it is. I’m focusing on supersets of:

  • slow pushups (3120) x15
  • slow chinups (2030) x5
  • resistance band OHP x10
  • pushups on bosu ball x 5

And on the alternate days, core training in the form of planks, suspended seats on pushup bars, pistol squats on bosu ball, and slow stretches with a wooden stick, and also some yoga.

Something I really miss though – a dips station. John’s recommended diamond pushups, I’ve seen something else called the triceps bow that’s a serious PITA, these will be incorporated.

It doesn’t feel like I’ve lost much mass, still hovering at 71.5kg right now. And I don’t look too different. We’ll see how this works out.

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