The neverending journey on tactfulness

Growing up, I’ve always been rather blunt and heavy-handed, whenever it came to communication. Straight to the point, no bullshit, et cetera. You have to imagine that I offended my fair share of folks along the way. I had my ideal vision on right and wrong, and was rather quixotic about the entire principle.

Growing up, I learnt that life comes in more shades than black and white, and that a lot of the time, the answer doesn’t even lie in being right. It comes back to having a positive outcome, figuring out what’s next, and making things better for the long run.

So, it’s been a path of learning to communicate in a more tactful, polite manner. Of learning patience. Of learning to view things from the other side, on understanding that my view may not always be the best view. There’s a time and place for an efficient approach, and times when a more human, kinder manner is needed.

We could all use a softer landing when we mess up, and that’s part of the perspective I’ve learnt. Focus on how we can make things better, rather than point the accusatory finger.

Tact aside, responsibility is responsibility, and it doesn’t help when the problem is not addressed in a direct, prompt manner, and action taken to remediate the root cause.

Address the fault, acknowledge it in an honest manner, put your hand up and say “yup, this is on me”, and let’s work on making things better.

IMO, the true mark of excellent team culture lies in the ability to look past slights, into honest exchanges and acknowledging without bias, the actions that need to be taken to make things better.

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