On gratitude

Just some random thoughts while driving back from lunch today.

Watching Shea Serrano just Venmo money to people randomly just because they need just that little bit more to get by. Just a good dude leading a bunch of great people, doing awesome things.

An r/melbourne post about advice for free food or super cheap food.

There were a lot of lovely people who commented in that thread, ranging from suggestions on spots to get free meals, to offers on free groceries, some who offered to spot him some cash, and even someone from out of town, who offered free lunch in exchange for some advice on places to visit.

I was in the middle of lunch, and it really got me thinking – do I need to spend on what I usually spend? There is so much unnecessary spending that goes on. I finished up my meal, wandered around the mall a bit and ended up not spending anything else. Even though I was tempted to catch Endgame today. Even though I was feeling like that Boost juice today, or even just some OJ. Shut it all down.

It reminded me of days past, when I was at home taking care of the daughter back in 2012. On how I had to be so, so mindful about spending on anything, because I didn’t know when my next cent was coming from. It’s tough to actually commit to spending needlessly, if you don’t have any income. To be fair, V was still working, and to say she was running a tight ship was a mild understatement. Most ideas I had started and ended with her saying, “well there’s only me working right now so…”

But this isn’t a post about poverty alone. It’s my thoughts about being grateful. I’m happy that I’m in good health, that the family is in good shape, and our finances aren’t in horrible shape. I can actually afford to get most of whatever I need, and do most of whatever I like.

I have a comfortable job that I’m happy with, at a workplace that’s got good people, and I’m doing something on the side that’s making a difference. (Granted, it’s not anything altruistic, but it’s something that could change the lives of aspiring writers.)

It’s a reminder to myself to be thankful, to spend less, to buy less, and to share the love when the occasion arises.

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