Random thoughts on a long day

  • It is possible to half-doze while listening for the next MRT station after all.
  • Take SBS 145 if you’re planning to go down to CMPB via Redhill MRT station.
  • SAFRA’s Mount Faber EnergyOne gym is small; no elbow room especially in the free weights section and few treadmills. XQ’s theory is that everyone grunts on super heavy over there because of the unusual number of 20kg weights lying around.
  • Relaxing in the jacuzzi with the water massaging your back muscles is hell of a way to relax, slack and engage in idle banter. 40 degrees Celsius is still fcukin’ hot, but it beats the steam room hands down any day.
  • Spacious bathing facilities woot, especially the overhead shower head (feels like you’re bathing in the rain or something). Like XQ was saying, “I could get used to this.” Me too dude, me too.
  • Blood donation #12: feeling the damn needle poke through your vein even after the anaesthetic was injected, pain dammit. This is what happens when you become practice fodder for NSmen medics. LS didn’t get to donate thanks to her low blood pressure lol.
  • Happiness is getting a bank draft done at an exchange rate of 1.2035.
  • Settling down to early exam revision: three chapters at Raffles City’s BK.
  • Enjoying this year’s Nokia Starlight Cinema at the Padang w/ V: nice cool breeze on a cloudy starless night. You could tell the newcomers from the seasoned watchers: all those sitting straight up without anything to lie on were probably newbies heh. One couple even brought an inflatable mattress along, woot.

Talk about a long day.

First blood ‘n such

Went down to HSA yesterday with the brother for blood donation, and yep it’s his first time there grins. Apparently HSA’s very eager to identify the first-timers, so the brother ended up with a sticker plastered on his sleeve, shouting “Be Nice To Me: this is my first donation”.

I call this the “n00b sticker” : )

Apparently his veins contracted too much in the air-conditioned room, and the HSA auntie had difficulty finding one big enough for the needle. So there he was, lying down while the nurse fussed over him.

I was busy trying to get my blood out at top speed heh, too bored. I’ve always been wondering though, would quick squeezes of your fist or long protracted ones make the bag fill up faster? I’m in favor of the latter, though the theory’s never been proved.



– This YouTube video on a spoofed English lesson in Japan is hilarious ;p – link courtesy LH.

– Now this is something I’ve been dying to tell everyone for years: RTFM! Was laughing so hard when I saw this on the HWZ network forum.

Naruto manga chapter 310 is yet another useless chapter which talks about nothing at all.

Bleach manga chapter 230 shows the arrival of the Arrankar Espada, and the Soul Society Shinigami who stand waiting, while Ichigo stops his training and rushes off to the waiting Grimjaw. It looks to be a good fight : )

– Why you shouldn’t eat so much fish.

Quiet is the new Loud, assorted snaps #3

Caught the Kings of Convenience performing over at the Esplanade today w/ ZL, titled after their album Quiet is the new Loud. It’s a pretty good performance, to say the least.

The performance’s name is no joke either; the initial stifling silence before the start of the concert was close to overwhelming. Suffocation would be another good word to describe it. Thankfully that only lasted a few seconds before the obligatory coughs and clearing of throats began.

We spotted another ex-classmate before the concert, but she didn’t seem to recognise us, not even when I purposely stood in her line of sight and stared to the point of incredulity. Gees, have I changed that much?

A hasty shot taken before the start of the concert.

They may not have the energy to rock the crowd like what Mayday does, but Eirik and Erlend do a decent job of making the crowd with their light humor, and Erlend especially with his spontaneous grooving onstage, as well as getting some of the audience to join him up onstage to dance. One of the numbers was played in total darkness (the theatre lights being switched off), the audience joining in with a whistling accompaniment in one song, snapping fingers and a three-note hum in another. Not too bad an effort, I say.

Their music is another thing altogether. The chords sound simple, yet intricate. Laidback, casual and soothing, without the sharp punctuation percussion, electric guitars and bass usually provide. Their voices blend well in harmony, and their guitars/piano likewise.

Erlend: Let’s see, we have some missing sponsors over here, that’s five seats. I really admire people who take opportunities like that, you know.

(Later on when the latecomers filled up their seats)

Erlend: So, are you all late or the ones taking the chances? I suppose you all are too embarrassed to speak up.

The quotes aren’t exactly verbatim, but that’s the gist of it. Pretty funny fellow he is, grins.

*Updated, recounts from others who attended the concert:
the trick is to keep breathing (pics included!)


Random shots of the day:

One wonders as to why this blardy pipe is in the drain. A purple colored one at that?

Chicken rice w/ ahlong; our ultra-late lunch after a snap session and an encounter with a security guard nonetheless (we’ll leave that story for another time).

Bored shot taken while waiting for ZL.

Dinner w/ ZL at Makansutra, Esplanade. And of course, I wasn’t too disappointed.. with the waiting time that is. Insanely long wait, perverse prices for the tourists, and half-decent food. Makes me wonder why I’d agreed to eat there, bah.

The stall we ordered from, shot #1. The one taking the orders has truly excellent pronounciation, wish I could speak like that.

A closeup; shot #2. I ordered the chicken wings in the end.
(WTF, minimum order of 3 chicken wings = S$3.60? This sucks.)

Moral of the story for this pic: go elsewhere for coconuts. Me no like expensive coconuts that taste lousy and are not even cold, bah. I miss my Bangkok coconuts.


Yes, it’s that time of the year again, blood donation mode ;p It’s finally my 10th donation after so long, and I’m always amazed at the cheerfulness of the staff over there. They’re always smiling and seem to be having fun : ) It must be a fun atmosphere to work in, payroll aside.

(Note that I’m not even bothering to rant about how everyone’s scared of needles, blood blah blah blah and are not donating blood. Bah, whocares.)


The Bible, in graphical Lego format!

Grow Cube! Fun game where you try to create the ideal city, by selecting the right options. There’s another variation of this called Grow RPG, slightly easier to complete. (The solution’s available, but don’t peek unless you’re well and truly stuck!)

* I’m not trying to make sales here or something, but this month’s FHM has some 100 interesting links or whatever. Hey, it might not be a hundred kewl sites but a few of them are pretty good, like the two links from above. I’m sure there’s more, but I didn’t have time to try all the links out so ;p Borrow a copy of FHM from a friend or something Get a copy and look through the featured websites!

– Running too much causes blisters everywhere on the damn feet; they’re beginning to look like a fcuking minefield. This sucks. Blisters on me palms, me feet, argh!

Reminder of the day: Get down to clearing the to-do list. SOON.

of the long today.

Reached home after working last night, prata with the brother. – Meal #1

*insert KO period of 2 hours*

Woke up, grabbed a bite before heading down to Ben’s place for haircut. – Meal #1.5

Had early lunch before the haircut. – Meal #2

*haircut in progress*

The finished haircut πŸ™‚ I like it.

Lunch again with Ben after that. – Meal #3

Sudden bout of physical workout right after that. Chinups, dips, pushups = tired.
Which led to the later blood donation being an extremely fast process, I suspect. I filled the entire bag in like four minutes? Gee.

Refreshment snack at HSA – Meal #3.5

McDonald’s with XQ at Pasir Ris – Meal #4

Basketball, followed by impromptu grocery shopping @ NTUC, and dinner of porridge after that – Meal #5

Bridge with the usual group till way past midnight πŸ™‚

Whee, long long day. Nonstop eating fest, I think that’s what kept me awake. Something to the order of food = energy = stay awake.

What your face should look like, when you lose at bridge.

What the winner’s expression should be πŸ™‚

of the longest post ever (i think)

Forenote: bleh, I really had a hard time uploading my pics this time round, pui. Sometimes I really dislike HelloBot as an image upload utility but what to do, unlimited bandwidth so.. Γ¦Λ†β€˜Γ₯¿.

Stop I: HSA @ SGH

Time for blood donation again! πŸ™‚ I’ll skip the usual rant on this issue, and go ahead to the pics, bleh.

Arrival at HSA, finally ah! Long MRT ride as usual, seeing that LS and I live in the east. *grumbles*

Initial D the movie gonna be showing at theatres, but we got Initial S (S for shock) over at our side. Why the fcuks is the place so crowded on a weekday mid-afternoon?!

We got our answer soon enough; 40-50 NSFs (aka National Servicemen Full-time) were hanging around the place waiting for their turn as well. *rolls eyes* And no, I wasn’t telepathic and neither did they have NSF nametags hanging around their necks, but the short haircuts, neat clothes and nerdy plastic specs all screamed that aloud; same ending. Long wait to come, and were we right. Well, not a very very very long wait, but still a longer-than-usual wait. So.. it was self-entertainment time for awhile.

Stop I subpart A: Playtime!

Now what does this look like? “Γ₯Β€β€“Γ¦ΛœΕΈΓ€ΒΊΒΊ!” – LS’s comment.

Profile mug shot. Ahh.. now we see its true features. See what happens when your head gets too swollen?

Angled shot #1, courtesy of me HP cam. Idiotic turtle grinning away.

Angled shot #2, LS’s cam. Closeup shot of the moronic turtle.

Things got better after that, and we finally managed to get into the room.

Stop I subpart B: The room

Forenote: all the shots inside were taken using my A40, since some HSA guy requested that I switch the HP off upon entry (as usual), which was why I’d brought the (clunky but) trusty dcam along.

Sneak shot #1 of the room. Taken at a not very good angle, since all of my shots were taken while I was lying on the couch. Look at the guy on the right for an example.

A closeup of the stuff that’s stored beside each point. Gloves, syrings, test tubes that sorta πŸ™‚

The new squeeze on circulation now in HSA. Last time it used to be a normal ball which you squeezed to up the rate of blood flowing into the bag; now it’s a nice red heart saying “Cross the line. Donate blood.” Dumb message IMO, since I was already all too obviously donating blood if I could read this message. -.-

No shots of the nurse injecting the initial anaesthetic or the insertion of the actual needle for the blood. Gross factor for some, I know πŸ™‚ But since I was the one being poked, I thought it would be pretty dumb if I blurted something like, “Sorry but could you hold the needle there while I snap a shot of it?” πŸ™‚

After the needle had been properly inserted, and all ready to go. (And yes, it’s NOT PAINFUL, be it before/during/after.)

The thick needle mercifully covered by the big white bandage. All those with a phobia of needles can stop cringing, no pictures. ;p

The bag where all me blood goes, bleargh. It was done pretty quickly today though, weird. Usually it took quite a bit longer to fill up the bag, or maybe the playing around with me dcam made time go faster ;p

Stop I subpart C: The tubes

After all the needed blood was drawn, 4 test tubes were filled for testing purposes too. Standard procedure, don’t ask me why πŸ™‚ Prob testing for AIDS or something, incase some dumb freak decides to infect the blood bank grins.

The bloodflow stopped for a moment, while the nurse gropes around for the test tube.

Pouring it all in.

Stopping the bottle up after it’s done. There, one down. Three more. *grumbles*

Stop I subpart D: Aftermath

We stopped outside for awhile, to get a bite of the free food and drink provided. Soft toys with handwritten tags (written by hospital patients, so I read) were given out along with the refreshments today, hrm.

Note: don’t ever try the chrysanthemum tea; it looks fine but tastes like yellow colored hot water. That’s how diluted it is πŸ™‚

The collection of refreshments, my donor card and the two stuffed animals. LS’s beanie Dalmatian that was being sat on by my duck. Interestingly enough, my duck had articulated joints at the leg parts so you could actually twist it around 360 degrees ;p However, the duck reminded me of those defeathered roast ducks you always see hanging on display at the duck rice stalls though; add a metal hook and it’ll be all set to go.

The new bandages introduced a few months back. They used to give a nice rectangular plaster to stop the bleeding, but I suppose they thought these bandages were more chic and in fashion, grins. Not exactly the entire truth, I’d say πŸ™‚

Stop II: Maison De Poupee

I’d been wanting to hop down and have a go at the food for some time after reading about it from 8 Days and the forums, so why not today? πŸ™‚ It’s actually a quiet cafe in the City Hall area (near the old MPH) that sells apparel for ladies as well.

Zack, the owner wasn’t around when we arrived, and a photo shoot was going on so it turned out to be quite an odd experience. LS and I had to stand at a corner while the photog snapped a few frames of the main dining area, then we changed tables three times so that we wouldn’t be seen in the shots. Talk about bad timing.

I ordered a cheese fondue anyway, and sat down to wait; LS lazing with an issue of Her World and me snapping a few shots, flipping through another mag and generally taking a look around. Like I said, pretty quiet place and we were the only customers around. French songs were on the air, playing softly and the decor was simple.

A look at the main area; you can see the apparel and bags on display.

An empty table to our left, oddly covered with plastic when the rest weren’t. (?)

Zack appeared later; that’s his head you see behind the counter. Two changing rooms to the far right. Nods, the reddish looking thingies.

The cheese fondue, with bread cubes, kiwi, banana, tomatoes and mushrooms. Hrm, mushrooms’re not exactly my favourite food in the world. Zack came by with additional cheese crackers as well. (Cheese + cheese = man.) That aside, the cheese was quite different from the usual whatever-you-buy-from-supermarket that you eat at home, kinda powdery taste to it. Not too bad, I’ll say. I ended up eating the fondue alone though, bleargh. Overdose of cheese today liao.

I hadn’t had time to try other stuff, but I’m quite sure that I’ll come back again since I’ll be studying at T-bloody-MC soon. Good place for self-study if nothing else πŸ™‚

Stop III: Suntec City

On to Suntec City for Batman Begins! (It seemed like there’s nothing else that appealed to me for the moment on the movie listings, brr.)

This kid was staring at me during dinner at the Suntec basement food court, and I couldn’t resist taking his/her/its pic πŸ™‚ Kids’re really kewt when they’re young; contemplate not of the assholes they become later on and you’re safe in bliss, laugh.

No offence to anyone in particular, since I believe everyone really do look their best as kids, before puberty kills all the cuteness and replaces it with acne/hair/whatever-other-crap problems πŸ™‚

Stop III subpart A: Batman Begins

This particular Batman movie is good πŸ™‚ I like the way the movie’s shot, flashing between the past memories and the present. His childhood. The parents’ deaths. The League of Shadows training, and the setting up of his Batman persona. The movie has quite the feel of the Dark Knight to it, albeit with quite a few technological twists. Alfred’s humors quips were also a small but welcome addition to the movie. However, the initial plot development was truly slow-paced; LS and I were beginning to concuss at a few points. The pace picked up noticeably once Bruce Wayne returned to Gotham City, however. Phew πŸ™‚

Sonic device to summon bats? Well done.
Cape that can become an instant hang-glider? Quite an inspiration.
The new Batmobile? Nodsie, Batmobile all right. Mobile battering ram would fit the description better, judging from the trail of mayhem in the movie πŸ™‚ Really looked like a bloody tank, unlike the sleekness of the previous Batmobile.

All rights, all in all it’s a pretty good movie, but not as wonderful as what me good kaki the leongster rants and raves about. (Note: eh don’t come and flame me ah bro, differing points of view, remember! I’m a shallow individual LOL.) Got time should catch it πŸ™‚

That’s all for the day, gees. It’s nearly 0430 hrs and I’m finally done with this fewkin’ post, crap. SLEEP!

poor birdie(s) :)

Just like what my post title says πŸ™‚

Whee, just got home. Long trip to and fro today! Blood donation at HSA, shopping at Carrefour, meetin’ ZL to get Xbox games, LS for dinner/shopping @ Bugis/Orchard and E for the usual prata. One word.. packed!


I bumped into a former poly classmate of mine, and it turns out that he’s running a modelling agency now called eVogue Models. So, anyone with interests in that field? Do contact Eric at hr_evogue@yahoo.com.sg, or email me for his contact number πŸ™‚

(And since I’m doing advert #1, I might as well do advert #2.)

If you’re looking for people to satisfy your printing/web design/design needs, do contact Jimmy at jimmy@elementsdesign.com.sg, or check out their website here. Promised to offer low prices and good services πŸ™‚ Elements Design – ‘cus they take care of the basic elements that build up your company! Or your personal needs, for that matter ;p

End of sidenote

And I’ve rented VCDs of Taxi 2 and 3 too ;p Supposed to return ’em by Thursday, so I’d better get started heh heh.



Blood donation time! Like what I’ve always thought, the blood’s gonna regenerate over time anyway, why hoard it all inside you? Do some good and give it away, methinks. My way of doing charity ;p

Headin’ down HSA (Health Sciences Authority) later for the usual bloodsuckin’ ALONE.
But it seems odd why so many of my friends have a phobia against either:
1. Needles. “Argh, just look at that THICK needle going into your arm! So scary!”
(TMD don’t look lor, so simple. But that idea just doesn’t occur to ’em.)
2. Blood. “I can’t bear the sight of so much blood being taken!”
(TMD x2, don’t look lor! Then they’ll whine, “But I can FEEL IT!”)
3. Pain. “The needle’s so thick, confirm very painful one lor!”
(This one deserves a more detailed rant, check it out below.)

-.- whaddafugs.

Needless to say, I’m not that fond of pain either, since I’m not a closet SM maniac at heart. But the pain factor’s comparable to a red ant bite when the first injection numbs your skin against the pain that the humongous needle *theoretically* should cause later. (And actually even that’s not too big a deal; I’ve been hit with that needle right-on without any fancy props in advance, big omph.)

Oh well, to each his own πŸ˜‰