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Just updated Hemingway theme with Jetpack Comments! Form now works awesomely with, Facebook or Twitter accounts, but sanity check is poofed for now. All in the name of progress oh well.

Blurp of the day 070212

Nope, bad idea to play without contacts. Eyes get tired after bout ten minutes, shots start going awry. Bad: being unable to see teammates’ expressions, I don’t know wtf they are feeling heh. Good: can’t see scoreboard, no pressure baby.

Blurp of the day 100112

Flooding in Singapore – We Need Solutions, Not Excuses

Old topic by now but still effing hilarious, thoroughly enjoyed Mr Wang’s recent posts. I have always liked his posts, especially the ones about Singapore politics. Excuses are weak, denial is meaningless in this age. Most especially for the Singapore government which was always seen as a champion of efficiency. I pity news correspondents who have to write illogical articles, knowing they will get flamed for it.

Classic quote of the day. There is this image of flooding exclusively on the second storey in my head heh heh.

Oooh, the magic word has suddenly appeared in their statement. There was “flooding”, after all, and at Liat Towers and Lucky Plaza, which are in the heart of the Orchard Road area.

But you can still smell the stubborn PUB attempt at obfuscation – they won’t say the words “Orchard Road” and they insist on inserting the word “basements”.

Well, of course, it is the BASEMENTS that are flooded. Basements are the lowest floors of any building. Isn’t it bad enough that the basements are flooded? What does the PUB want – does it expect the 2nd floor or 4th floor to be flooded? Bah.

This one is ROFL-mode too, considering rainfall patterns have definitely changed over the past 142 years and the recent spate of floods that have hit Singapore really, really hard. No excuses folks, not the first flood and it’s definitely not one flood every 50 years.

To understand what a “typical” December rainfall is really like, we can investigate the source of the ST’s claim. It comes from the PUB press release on 30 December. The PUB states:
“On the afternoon of 23 Dec 2011, a total of 152.8mm of rain fell from 2.20pm to 5.20pm at the Orchard Road area. This is equivalent to about half the average monthly total (287.4mm) of rain recorded for the entire month of December over the last 142 years (1869 to 2010).”
So their idea of typical December rainfall is based on the average December rainfall over the past 142 years. Dating back to the time when Lee Kuan Yew’s father’s father’s father had just emigrated to Singapore.

Blurp of the day part 2 030111

What Americans Keep Ignoring About Finland’s School Success

The fascinating bit about this article, is about how Finland actually focused on equality rather than performance. All community-funded, no private institutions. This means no elitism or pay-more-to-get-better-quality approach. Everyone gets an fair chance at education, which is a very laudable goal. And the system actually succeeds in consistently producing good talent, which is even better.

Food for thought:

As for accountability of teachers and administrators, Sahlberg shrugs. “There’s no word for accountability in Finnish,” he later told an audience at the Teachers College of Columbia University. “Accountability is something that is left when responsibility has been subtracted.”