A toothy issue


My tooth filling cracked yesterday, and I had to have a new filling done. Thing feels a little wonky, and it seems like the amalgam at the top of the filling fell out – I have a chunk that’s sitting on my gums for some reason or other, and too hard to scrape off. It’ll be a return to the dentist tomorrow if a slot’s available.

Meanwhile, the warning the dentist gave on the first visit is still haunting my mind:

“If your tooth hurts tonight, we’ll have to do a root canal on it tomorrow.”

Memories of those horror stories about root canal treatments led me into a few hours’ worth of reads about root canal, and I finally concluded that root canal is a procedure with complications (infection, brittle tooth, possible bacteria, repeated appointments), costs too much (averaging $1,500 to $2,000) and I would be happy to yank the damn tooth out, leave a nice gaping hole and get the implant later. (Preferably overseas.)

Moral of the story: brush your teeth really well, especially your molars because it’s serious business when they hurt. And it’s a biatch to get them fixed.

The end.

Flying cows?

I was having breakfast at home the other morning when the old man made a shooing sound at the kitchen window.

Mother (talking to the old man): 鸟 (bird) har?

I unsuccessfully tried to keep a straight face.

Mother: 笑什么东西? (What are you smiling at?)

Me: Eh.. we live on the 9th floor lor. Logically speaking, could it be anything other than a bird? Like for example right, were u expecting to see a dinosaur sitting there?’

(Mother kicks me under table)

The brother burst out laughing.

Brother (grinning): It could be a cow you know.

Me (mock seriousness): Then it should’ve gone MOOOOO when it was shoo-ed ma?

(Mother kicks me under table again)

I stood up later after finishing me breakfast.

Me: Maybe I should go see if the cow’s still there.

(Mother kicks me under table yet again)


One wonders as to how vast Garfield’s stomach is ;p


I’ve been going to the dental clinic so often these days, it’s a wonder I’m not getting any discount privileges at all. *rolls eyes* The dental officer (DO) today was supposed to do a filling on a molar (the original filling had fallen out this morning, bah), and he was good. The epitome of service, I tell you. He filled that tooth, and having nothing better to do, filled another innocent molar nearby.

.. no small wonder he took so long. I was bemused at the constant drilling going on in me mouth just now; and the new filling looks like someone slapped a lump of grayish cement over the tooth and left it there to harden. It certainly feels shitty -.-

And best of all? I’m actually paying for it. Argh, this sucks.


Got this from Ellen; drop by Ben&Jerry’s @ Suntec on Tuesday if you’re in the area!
(And especially if you’re a B&J icecream addict, grins.)

Let’s patronise B&J next Tuesday!

For all the people working in town…

Dear friends,

Do you know what is on 25 April 2006?


Ben & Jerry’s free ice-cream (while stocks last) 12pm – 7pm only!

It is a collaboration between The Happy People Co. (franchisee of Ben &
Jerry’s) and Amazing Kidz.

Amazing Kidz is a non-profit charity organisation for brain-injured children (http://www.amazingkidz.org). Come with your friends for free ice-cream and donate any amount for charity Volunteer with us for this event, to raise funds for brain-injured children.
Tell your friends to join us at this ice-cream party.

    Which Ben & Jerry’s outlets?

  • United Square, #02-K1
  • Great World City, #02-40A
  • Suntec City, #01-152


– Now we’re beginning to have BSODs (Blue Screen of Death) everywhere : )

– Review on the latest replacement for Windows Antispyware, the Defender. (I wonder.)

– The emergence of a cross-platform virus, whistle. This is kewl.

– In chapter 304 of Naruto, Sai unexpectedly switches sides to help Naruto & gang, & a fight with Orochimaru seems imminent now.

Gantz‘s chapter 230 is out. After an unsuccessful attack on Izumi on the subway, the vampires are gathering to finish him off once and for all.

Quote of the day: “technically speaking hor, sai doesnt ‘pops-up’, it ‘poops-down’… yay. more stuff to add to addendum.” – ahlong, on MSN.

Reminder of the day: Buy the Eng Wah vouchers from SAFRA tomorrow if I’m still awake.

And.. we’re out.

The final deciding match as to whether we’ll get kicked out of the tournament tonight, and we blew it. Score was tied at at the end, but we ended up fouling one of the other players and.. he got the free throw in. The rest, as they say is history. Not wholly the fault of that foul though, more like everyone’s fault when you look at it. A missed shot here, a foul there and everything adds up.

Team morale was fcukin’ good though, the best ever in these past few years of matches. We were good, we could’ve won! Too bad about that final point, heh. It’s sickening to lose when it’s such a close game that we could actually get the decisive point in y’know?

It’s a pity that I didn’t get much play time, but there were others who could’ve done more so I’m not really bitching about that. Fumbled one pass, gave one decent pass, received a shitty pass and the rest of the time was spent running to and back defending, defending, defending. No time to think, just move.

Oh well, I certainly didn’t regret coming down for tonight’s game. Missing that damn lesson was worth it : ) You guys rock.

(Now if only we had won.. )

*And damn, my AJs are busted at long last, for they can talk! Time to shop for new ones heh.


alexan told me about how retainers’re actually useless pieces of shite, because he wears them only when he sleeps and his ortho still goes something in the way of “ah, good progress here!” Something in the way of a formality, perhaps?

I’m not really doubting their usefulness, but yeah I totally agree with him on the fact that lisping like an idiot all day long sucks big time. 24/7? No way! Nevertheless, I’ll still be wearing it at home and in bed; no way to that when I’m outside man!


Windows to Ubuntu transition guide, great if you’ve just installed Ubuntu and have zero idea on what to do with it. – link courtesy of PCMech.

Taylor James Ltd does some really powerful work with photographic retouching, take a look at the stuff over here.

– Bloody kewl intro to Bleach‘s latest anime episode 75-76 special, I really love the intro and ending sequences, not forgetting the songs as well.

Reminder of the day: Get cracking on gym tomorrow!

Quality work?


Unexpectedly (seriously unexpected), ql threw my novel to a friend of his, and told her about it being “a quality work by a unprofessional writer”. Luckily.. she didn’t scream her lungs out in agony or dig her eyeballs out in sheer frustration after reading it, and actually mentioned that she liked it. *heaves huge sigh of relief*

That aside, I seriously appreciate the fact that he actually recommended it to someone else. Thanks a load man : )
(And yes, thanks goes out to all the other people who’ve bothered to read it, blah.)


In contrary to my past theory about braces affect whistling, I have realised that I still can’t whistle right now, lol. Therefore, I have run out of excuses and officially suck.


Just got me retainers done today at the dental clinic. And yeah, for those who don’t have the slightest idea WTF retainers are, they look like some fcuking transparent casts for your teeth, and you wear ’em the same way you would if you had dentures.

They’re uncomfortable though, and believe me when I say you have to keep swallowing, you really have to do that so very very often, lest the saliva simply collects in your entire friggin’ mouth. Yes, it sounds gross but reality’s always like that. People who’ve been through this’ll understand how crappy this is. For those who’re still going through the treatment? Good luck ;p

And I’m supposed to wear ’em 24/7 (excluding eat and brush) for an entire year at least, to prevent the teeth from going crooked. Man, this sucks.


Hilarious Adam Ferrera comedy clip on YouTube, courtesy of KingMeng.

– This article on Berluti at Manolo for the Men makes the shoes sound so damn good. Gees, am I tempted. I’ve always been a sucker for comfy shoes ;p

Google founders get $1 salaries? Then again, they prolly don’t care a shit about the salaries, given the amount of Google stock they’re holding : ) – link courtesy of NetworkWorld.

Reminder of the day: Finish up the next assignment ASAP, heh.

Inside Man: review

Caught Inside Man w/ LS at a late night screening just now, and thanks to her being late.. I ended up missing almost fifteen minutes of the show, Z. Did I ever mention that I hate perpetual latecomers? (Yeah, yet another of those pet peeves.)

Some parts of the show are filmed with intentional jerky frames, to give that reality-based footage feel I suppose. It only serves to give one a headache when that goes on for quite a while though, so I wasn’t really appreciative of that technique. Scenes get flashed between interrogation of the hostages and progression of the robbery, which isn’t really a good thing IMO. The audience’s attention’ll tend to get sidetracked somehow.

With regards to the plot? A perfect bank robbery, whereby all the hostages are alive, all the robbers escape scot-free and no loot is taken at all. (Well, almost no loot that is.) The entire show is an endless discussion between the police and the perps, with a twist towards the end that shows you exactly how all the robbers escape detection. It’s not a conventional cops&robbers flick definitely, since the ending is something you certainly wouldn’t expect.

There’s practically no action, with an entire mob of police officers and snipers huddled outside the bank, the robbers walking and shoving the hostages about, and the only action scene is the what-if-they-did-this kinda scene, not an actual part of the movie reality.

The dialogue’s quite funny though, I got to give them that. But you have to understand what they’re talking about to appreciate the humor behind it, something I’m not sure everyone’ll catch.

An example of the dialogue:

Russell: (Clive Owen) “You shouldn’t eavesdrop on people.”

Frazier: (Denzel Washington) “Well you better get used to it pal, there’s not going to be much privacy where you’re going.”

Russell: “You’re damn right. This time next week I’ll be sucking down pina coladas in a hot tub with six girls named Amber and Tiffany.”

Frazier: (Washington) “More like taking a shower with two guys named Jamal and Jesus, if you know what I mean.. and it won’t be a pina colada that you’ll be sucking!”

One peeve on the dialogue’s that the censorship’s darn strict on it. Words like damn, ass, fcuking, fcuk get censored so often that half the time you see the lips moving but no sounds being heard, pretty dumb IMO. Not like that’ll stop kids from learning how to cuss, isn’t it?

Rating? I’ll give a higher one had I managed to watch it right from the start, but this is one of those catch-it-on-a-weekday flicks for now.


A break from those words for awhile, realised I spouted quite a bit of crap on the review. Foodie snaps! (And yes, I realise that I’m posting more and more food, and less of people.)

Don Pie Club’s chicken pie, slurps. I haven’t had that in a long while, thanks to LS for that.

Grilled pork chop rice at the Vietnamese restaurant outside Plaza Singapura (don’t ask me for the name, I would’ve put it down here if I could remember.) Doesn’t taste too bad, and the pricing’s still decent.

The restaurant staff, a friendly uncle was asking us, “So is this better (pointing to the chicken pie) or this better (i.e. the pork chop rice)?” And after I pointed to the rice, he smiled and replied.

“I would say that both are good.” He’s good ;p

In summary, it’s a good place to sit, eat and talk. The table’s kinda weird though, since a table that’s supposed to accomodate four can only seat two people comfortably in reality. They should get bigger tables ;p Another thing, the chendol’s way better than those at the food courts, give it a try. No pics because I forgot, heh.


Look at this article from the ST; new broadband rolling out! Interesting, hrmm.

March 30, 2006
A first: Unlimited broadband service for under $30 launched by Alfred Siew

UPSTART Internet service provider QMax Communications has launched a wireless broadband service for just $22.95 a month, becoming the first here to bring the cost of unlimited high-speed surfing below $30.

The service – now limited to Bukit Timah but which will go island-wide in two years – is pitched at those who baulk at broadband because it is expensive. Other packages for monthly access currently range from $38 to $121.80.

The relative high cost of broadband here has kept the penetration rate to just 52.7 per cent, compared with other wired Asian nations like South Korea, where more than 70 per cent of homes have broadband.

The QMax service is the cheapest in broadband’s 10-year history here.

In addition to this, it is the first here to use the airwaves, instead of a phone line or cable connection, to hook up homes. Similar offerings were launched in Malaysia and Taiwan last year.

For $22.95, a user gets a download speed of 256 kilobits per second (Kbps) – slower than other offerings, which zap data to personal computers at between 512Kbps and 30 megabits per second (Mbps).

But QMax also has a souped-up service at 512Kbps, which costs $31.35. This makes it still cheaper than SingTel’s competing service, newly priced at $38, down from $47.25 just weeks ago.

Until recently, SingTel and StarHub have enjoyed a duopoly that has propped up the price of broadband. The two ISPs have so far only competed in the kind of freebies they give away, with SingTel even dangling Apple iPod players to attract customers.

QMax’s new low price can be expected to pull in new broadband users, say experts.

But do not expect a price war – at least, not yet.

Analyst Foong King Yew of research firm Frost and Sullivan says QMax’s limited rollout is not enough to trigger one, but it will offer users a glimpse into a more open market.

‘There is definitely room for broadband prices to fall,’ he said.

News of the new broadband player is also welcome for Singapore – coming a day after sluggish competition in Internet services caused it, in part, to slip from its pole position as the world’s most IT-savvy nation, to No. 2, in a World Economic Forum study.

QMax, a joint venture between telecoms operator Qala Communications and Creative Technology, announced in January its plan to launch a competitively priced wireless service this month.

A spokesman told The Straits Times on Tuesday that the launch was kept low-key because the service was going out only to selected areas now, and that the company did not want to ‘raise expectations to unrealistic levels’.

Users who sign up with QMax lease a modem for free. But instead of plugging this to the phone or cable jack in the wall, as with the older broadband services, a user gets online by logging on wirelessly.

Pacific Internet and MobileOne plan to launch similar wireless services this year.

Meanwhile, SingTel and StarHub are expected to jack up download speeds for their existing services to pull in the more demanding users, such as computer gamers.

Users like freelance writer Harold Jean, 35, welcomed the upcoming competition.

‘To people who just want to surf the Net, the news that they want to hear is cheaper broadband,’ he said.


Today is the greatest day ever, ‘cus my damn braces are finally OFF! The process was surprisingly fast, and whee I’m finally free! I feel so darn relieved, but it feels weird not to have those metal bits poking away at me. (It feels like my teeth’re missing or something heh.)

Retainers to be done next week, and I’m supposed to wear ’em full-time for a year? Man.


– I’m starting to have slight twitches in my back muscles; this is weird considering I haven’t really strained myself during gym. Hmm..

– Given up on The Wicked for now, totally conserving me braincells.

Cathay Cineplex‘s officially open, check out the level 5 and 6 box offices! Darn crowded I tell you, be prepared. Their food counter’s nothing short of amazing though. Fish & chips, seafood platter whaddahell? I certainly can’t imagine myself balancing fish&chips in a movie theater, grins.

– It’s hilarious when you see the number of vouchers/coupons actually outweighing the cash in your wallet, and you wonder what’s going on.

Reminder of the day: Check out Esprit apparel earlier next time round! Sizes S and M go out of stock at an incredibly unreal pace, brr.

Time flying by, random talk.

Dental yet again this morning, and let’s say this once again for the record; braces suck. It didn’t hurt today though, and so.. life is great (for now that is). I’ve had them around for so long, the feeling of not having the braces on has been long since forgotten. Looking forward to the day when I can talk without lisping and feeling the metal against me lips, ahh.


Everyone had to drop by the temple for my grandad’s second death anniversary this morning. Strange isn’t it, the way time goes by. Barely the blink of an eye, and he’s already been gone for two years. You can really get used to anything with the passing of enough time, methinks. Time numbs everything, and anything. It seems so like last year that I’d just done my piercing, was still losing sleep over those days at the funeral, and slaving away at the previous job.

Tossing all the offerings into the intense (really, really hot) fire, offering joss sticks in prayer, looking at his ‘home’ in the temple; contemplation. I was telling the brother, do not do this to me next time. Toss my ashes into the sea or somewhere peaceful, save yourself the trouble. I’m not sure I’ll appreciate all the effort if I’m still around ;p


Tossing and turning before falling into a restless sleep this morning, and weird thoughts. It suddenly occurred to me that it would be impossible to write every single thought that runs through my mind and document it as the entirety of my mind. Logically speaking of course, and thus it would be impossible to represent the entire self on words alone as well. How people remember you would be a amalgam of various actions and past behaviour then, and not really who you are.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, as ahlong would say. Different people, different perspectives. That’s prolly why historical analysis of past characters is a pile of bull IMO. Judgement using opinions of people around him? Personality analysis on past memoirs? All crap, since all you can get is a incomplete picture.

Doing literary critiques of various works and having someone to mark your work as right or wrong is another intensely stupid thing, as I realised later on in life. (That’s prolly why I sucked at Literature in my secondary school days; difference of opinion between me and the Lit teacher, but we’ll leave that for another time.)

Another pet peeve of mine is the extreme scrutiny placed on literary works i.e. Shakespearean. Every phrase, every sentence is put under extreme analysis, to see how it reflected on the characters in the play, blah blah blah. WTF, couldn’t Mr William S. written it that way simply because he felt like it? *rolls eyes* It’s like asking why you dig your nose with a left index finger instead of the right little finger or something. I happy can? (This is yet an example of those typical rants ahlong and I do on late night coffee, amongst others.)


It used to be easier to archive all my past entries on Blogger, since I could just save all the damn entries as individual HTML files on a monthly basis. With WordPress + Hemingway now, it *is* a little hard to do that, since I’ll have to save 600 (?) entries individually, and that is sheer madness. Backing up the database would be a much logical choice in comparison aye? Hrmmmm.. options, options.

That’s all for now; more musings later!

of the crowded boxing day.

Crap, I didn’t even know it was Boxing Day till XQ told me about it just now -.- It makes for a good title anyways, I’m kinda runnin’ outta ideas these days.

Disaster mode #1: The brother shows why it is not good to splatter perfectly good chicken breast meat liberally with half a bottle of seasoning, when the bottle’s instructions read “sprinkle”.

Disaster mode #2: CP’s lasagne at Cafe Cartel Marina Square, which resembles a puddle of bak chor. Where’d all the lasagne go? Hrmmm..

Ooo, complimentary log cake. Miniscule log cake at that.

Favourite of the day for ahkein: fish ‘n chips for the dentally infirm. (I just had my dental on Friday, brr.)

Funny faced thingy. Looks like me?