Little bits of positivity in 2014.

This was about two weeks ago, when I sent a little something to cheer a friend up.


My dear friend… Thank you for the beautiful roses! So sweet of you to send them 🙂 Miss the good old times. Sorry I’ve been busy… But thank you for always saying hello so that I’m reminded to take a break. Big hug!

And this other message I got the day before, was unexpected. In a good way. Seeing this in the morning really brought a smile to my face.

I’m so glad I’ve always had u along the way… Through all the stumbles and falls. Just suddenly grateful and thankful for having u around! Forever my SOS!

I’m really glad to have been able to make a difference in their lives. It really is true, that thing about how your life’s impact is felt by the number of people whom you made a difference to. And of course, I’ll keep doing silly little things and be there for them, simply because it feels like the right thing to do.

Where the same shit isn’t fun all the time.

Buddy: Stepped out of most programmes.. just hangin’ back… Can siam one all siamed.. looking for transfer to HQ though.. just to have a look at how planning at that level goes..

Me: Cushy office job ftw

Buddy: Cushy. But not entirely without worries. Its freakin’ tiring.

Me: Ah well. Find me an easy job that pays well in singapore lol.

Buddy: I think I’m just looking to swap a diff type of shit. Change of shit, may make life a tad more interesting.

Me: It defs would, at least you’ll be entertained and pissed at the same time, rather than being bored and pissed

Buddy: Man. New revelation everytime we chat. I presume you still log things down. Write down that shit change shit thing!

Buddy: I just realised after 3 decades of my life, i have a problem with hyphens. Hy fucking phens!

Me: not your friend, that thing. At least you don’t use it all the time! Sounds like Hy fucking mens.
Which would make the previous sentence incredibly funny:
“I just realised after 3 decades of my life, I have a problem with hymens.”


Here you go buddy, your reference for the future.

The one thing everyone should be thankful for.

Let’s put it this way, I’m not much of a standout guy when it comes to most things. Not likely to shake the world by its very roots or change the lives of countless others, just a fellow passing through the currents of life like so many others.

If there is anything I’m really proud of –and I mean really, really happy to show off and wave in everyone’s faces–, it would be the fact that I am rich. Not materially rich, but spiritually, so much richer by the friends and family that have seen fit to grace my life with their presence. Say what you want, but I’m a very lucky guy to have all these wonderful people around. People who have seen fit to make a positive impact in my life, and extend a helping hand whenever I needed it.

For this, I am deeply thankful. Times like this make me appreciate the simple saying – “no man is an island”.

What are you doing for others?

Borrowing inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr on the post tonight, since it dovetails with my chosen labour for the day. I have to admit, I’m a straight fellow who doesn’t think too deeply most of the time. I like helping people, and it’s not every time that you can do good work, help a friend and get your money’s worth at the same time.

So I spent the better part of a day building a website from scratch, with about 80% functionality completed. It doesn’t sound like much, but I remember the days when websites took weeks upon months to be completed with labourious development, and speedy rollouts like these continue to amaze and gratify me to no end.

Granted, familiarity with WordPress and the power of responsive themes helped greatly, since I did not have to write a single line of code to get things up. Even tweaking and filling content takes minutes that grind into hours though. Hell, I’m starting to ache from sitting in the damn chair.

This website is one of those little challenges that I take upon myself from time to time to accomplish, just to see if I can do it. Besides, it makes for great learning – I’d never actually implemented shopping cart functionality on WordPress before, and to actually know how it’s done now gives me a bit more confidence.

What exactly am I doing for others then? I’m helping friends in need with what I know, pushing a fun project and seeing something grow from scratch. It could be going nowhere in the end, but we sure are going to have a shot at making it work. At the end, I’m just happy to be able to help – such is the mentality of a freelancer. Opportunities disappear if you do not make full use of them! Never know where things like these will lead to. Give it my best, that’s all I can do.

Rain in Bangkok.

Today marks the first time I’ve ever been rained on in Bangkok. Not that fun apparently, since mosquitoes get an open invitation to the party and feast on my legs for all they’re worth. That, and the fact that dreary weather makes all that trudging around Chatuchak a little less fun. Interesting fact: every subsequent trip to the weekend market takes less time, because I’m less and less inclined to cover the entire area as I get older. Of course, having a sprained ankle doesn’t help in the least.

(A few other interesting blurps for the archives.)

The super cabby who got us to our destination in record time, weaving through the streets and Sois with unflappable calm. When faced with a jam, he gave a half-smile and promptly turned into the next lane. Watching him on my phone’s GPS felt like I was witnessing some computer AI easily traversing a level 0 maze – bah, too easy.

Not forgetting the thorough Thai massage at Health Land, professionalism at its peak. Where else do you find a masseur performing remedial massage on a sprained ankle with no prior notice? Full marks seriously.

And it’s the last night of my holiday at last. Good things come to an end, bad things never last forever, and time flows with the unceasing pace of an unhurried man. I’ve had a pretty good break, and may the next one be better than this.

Aside from over-whistling, constantly losing my way, an incessant refusal to use the big notes before the smaller ones, being overly focused on slipper shopping and an avid burper after meals, I think I’ve been a pretty good travel companion.

Not forgetting: thanks to the FG for not complaining (too much), her good humour and temper (most of the time) is what makes her a great friend and travel mate. I doubt we’ll get another stab at something like this ever again, so this will probably be our last trip together. May the memories last forever.

Back for a little while.

After a year of absence, seven hours in the air and a relatively unimpressive flight, I’m back.

Back to the quiet old neighbourhood, where everything seems the same, yet somehow not quite. The multitude of young faces that remind me of how I was once like them, idle and free with nary a care in the world.

Back to the moist and stuffy heat, where shade is a welcome thing. And yep, it’s not hay fever after all – I’m just having a serious bout of flu.

Back to meeting old friends and having fun. For a few hours, it feels like the old times once more, as if I’d never left.

Back to the annual sifting of junk mail and insurance letters. Damn does that ton of crap pile up over the course of a year.

So damn tired, I kept dozing off on the bus rides.
So damn tired, I’m seriously amazed my eyes haven’t been rubbed clean out of their sockets yet.
So damn tired, it’s a miracle I’m still alive to type this out.

And of course, I’m back to being a son for a while. Just another bloke who’s back home for a few days, and not the tired father of one.

Time for some uninterrupted sleep at long last.

Lasting the full stretch is never a walk in the park.

So a friend of mine participated in the Subaru Challenge over in Singapore yesterday. For those who are new to this, it’s basically a last man standing event, where all participants compete to have their hand on a designated spot on the Subaru WRX. Allocated breaks in between, nothing else but a real grind on the body and mind.

Honestly, the thought of even joining something like this turns me off – my body is not built for long periods of inactivity like this. Even using the standing desk for prolonged stretches tires me, not to mention standing beside a damn car with my palm in one spot for a seeming eternity without a pee break for hours. Like seriously? Suicidal is the word.

I’ll cut the crap short here, but total respect to anyone who even attempts something crazy like this. To my old friend Meng, you did well in trying – take pride in that.