Guys, dermarolling works.

I’m convinced now.

Dermarolling regularly (weekly) has definitely improved gains on the cheek area, I can see vellus hairs turning dark.

Of course, it could also be the LCLT in the minoxidil, the change in diet, etc, but I’m thinking dermarolling right now.

If you have never dermarolled regularly, it might be a good time to do it.

At this point, I’m close to the 2-year mark (starting point was in mid-2016). Definitely heaps more hair than I had on day 1!

It’s all about that steady grind.

What seems to be working:

  • Liquid minoxidil (switched to foam for ~8 months, never noticed any difference)
  • Dermarolling
  • Moisturising with Nivea Soft


  • LCLT in minoxidil
  • Peppermint oil (PEO)

Tree roots and pipe relining

Living in a house is like having a child – you’re constantly learning new things on the fly, as shit happens.

This house managed to quite literally, shit on us a couple of weeks ago.

The sewage pipe got choked, and water started coming up from beneath the floorboards.

Yeap, that was a WTF IS THIS moment.

Got the plumber in, he had to get the toilet out, use a high pressure hose to clear the blockage –which resulted in more water coming up from the floorboards, brilliant– and after some investigation with a pipe camera, showed me the tree roots that had made its way into the pipe.

Considering the nearest tree wasn’t very near to begin with, this was confusing. At this point, I’d just stopped caring about why, and just zoned in on the “how do I fix this shit?” part.

He said it would take a princely sum (think five digits) to rip the floorboards up, drill through the concrete, and fix the crack.

Yeap, more of that WTF IS THIS.

Kudos to him however, for bringing up an alternative solution ie pipe relining. Zero props for quoting another astronomical figure.

Here’s a video of what pipe relining is, because it’ll explain things much quicker.

TL;DW – less intrusive way to fix a cracked pipe.

After a few days’ worth of conversations with multiple plumbers, it looks like we have a firmer solution in place, and hopefully the pipe will be relined and fixed by the end of this month, at a much more reasonable cost.

Getting things done: a self-fulfilling cycle of energy

The hardest step, as always is the first one.

Once you start on it though, the drive and momentum to get things done grows with every passing task completed.

I’m not sure about everyone else, but personally, I feel burdened and drained when I know there are too many things to be done. Ticking them off my list, gives me a sense of accomplishment and energy to get onto the next one. Otherwise, I slump in a puddle of ineptitude and sloth.


Just another Friday.

I, too have been remiss when it comes to penning thoughts in this virtual space.

It’s just been a crazy second half, full of travel and change. As usual, I need more sleep.

But it’s been a fun ride, much more fun than I expected 2017 to be. Deets to come in the usual EOY post.


Yep, it finally happened. I had a vasectomy done.

The hardest thing about it all was trying not to flinch, knowing your man bits were being worked on. Dr Nick was wonderful with the banter though, definitely helped calm me down some. It was all done in fifteen minutes, relatively painless except for the initial local anaesthetic injection. There was some weird sensation when he was pulling on the vas deferens, but it wasn’t painful, more uncomfortable than anything else.

The next hardest thing was long drive home, I took about an hour or so to get back.

Next up? Ibuprofen ftw.

(Counting day 1 as the day of surgery)

Day 2: not much in the way of soreness. It does however, feel slightly uncomfortable when I try lifting my nuts. I could feel the wound if I got an erection (bad idea).

Day 3: yep, I can definitely feel it if I move the member upwards, the wound’s letting me know it. Bruising has appeared.

Day 4: felt like a continuation of day 3, except it got better at night. It might have been the ibuprofen I took after dinner though. Main observation, the crown jewels feel fragile. Guys’ll know what I mean, it feels heavy and there’s a tinge of “ok I better leave these guys alone” when I try lifting them. Level of pain when moving member upwards, has receded somewhat. Didn’t stop me from rubbing one out though, I had to be reassured everything was in working order.

Day 5: Receding soreness on the wound area, right nutsack felt especially sore after dinner, not sure why. Took an ibuprofen just in case (placebo IMO) and tested the equipment out. Yep, everything’s pretty much functioning the way it should, when it comes to the bedroom. It felt like I had reduced sensitivity, but we’ll see.

Day 6: most of the day felt pretty fine to be honest, right up till the evening when I got home, and I started feeling like I was carrying an oversized, tender nutsack. Popped a couple of ibuprofen after dinner. Throughout the evening, it felt like there was a pressure buildup somewhere around the femoral, or even slightly higher – maybe between the groin and abdomen, but slightly off to the sides. Well, I did the logical thing a guy usually does to relieve pressure, and it worked.

Day 7 onwards: all is well, I’d say things are at 99%, excluding a really mild soreness (like 0.5 out of 10) if I pull the member upwards.

Fast forward to day whateveritis (approximately two months after), I’m feeling perfectly fine.

What I feel has changed, is reduced sensitivity and possibly a lower sex drive. It could be me being tired and getting old, but hey, it works. It’s helpful to not feel like a horny 18 year old all the time, you can actually focus your mind on getting shit done.

The test is coming soon, I’ll know if I’m given the all clear at the end of July! Fingers crossed. All in all, this has been a pretty successful move.