Melbourne: so um yeah you know.

Was struggling to keep myself awake on the morning tram when I overheard this.

Random dude: “So yeah um it’s like um you know.. but yeah.”

Three words went through my mind at that very moment – what the fcuk?

I understand the need to pepper conversation with inane filler words at times to avoid uncomfortable silence, but this is probably the most meaningless sentence I have heard in quite a while. I was mildly surprised his companion actually continued the conversation without a pause – have to give credit to where its due, telepathy perhaps?

Quite a bit of conversation from youngsters (read: people younger than me) these days go in a similar grain, with “yeah”, “ummmmm”, “it’s like”, “you know” being strewn liberally every few words. Contrary to popular belief, excessive use does not make you sound smart; quite the opposite actually.

Not the first time I’ve heard stuff like this, and probably not the last of its kind.

An interesting day (or how I missed my flight home today)

Like the title says, I had a pretty eventful day today.

Original plan:

  • Wake up 9am, idle till 10am.
  • Head down to airport early to check-in.
  • Take flight home, MEL – DRW – SIN.
  • Meet friends and family at airport.

What actually happened:

  • Woke up 9am, idled till 10am.
  • Headed down to airport early to check-in.
  • Belatedly realised I did not bring my spare AUD, left it at home instead. Apparently my checklist of things to bring did not include money.
  • Decided to head back and grab it, as I had slightly more than 1.5 hours to spare.
  • Reached city in less than half an hour.
  • Hailed a cab, promptly got stuck in the Flinders street daytime jam. (Point to note: never drive on Flinders in the daytime. Take the tram.)
  • Grabbed AUD, got back into cab and headed back towards airport.
  • Called Jetstar, and was told that I had to get back and check-in 30 minutes before the flight i.e. I was fcuked. (Point to note: never be late for Jetstar flights.)
  • Got stuck at Docklands while waiting for the V-line to clear the road; long traffic jam.
  • Got stuck behind slow vehicle on the fast lane on freeway; more time wasted.
  • Yakked with taxi driver on the merits of various airlines e.g. Malaysia Airlines has decent inflight food?
  • Reached airport 20 minutes before plane took off. Was told that I had to pay $100 to reschedule the flight to tomorrow by another Singaporean who missed the flight too. Operation Amazing Race failed.
  • Checked around the ticketing sales desks for other options. No domestic flights to DRW, one-way ticket to SIN cost approx $1100 (including taxes).
  • Paid $100, rescheduled flight to tomorrow and headed home.
  • Had lunch with building manager.
  • Fed Cookie and informed everyone not to come down to airport.
  • Went to Crown Casino, two hours of roulette.
  • Came home, slept till V came home.
  • Dinner outside: Hong Kong fare at Dessert House: Chinatown.
  • Bought a pink rose for V; $5.
  • Bought The Big Issue magazine from the bloke over at Swanston who always shouts “get-your-big-issue-only-four-dollars-support-the-homeless-and-long-term-unemployeddddd!” (It’s five dollars now.) I told myself that I’d get a copy from him the next time I heard his signature shout. Been hearing him do the shout for a year now, I figured he deserves something for his effort.
  • Wrote blog entry.


And before I know it, I’ve missed the one-week-per-post mark yet again. Too caught up with everyday mundane stuff to have anything worth writing about. Or stuff that I can actually talk about; quite abit of things are off-limits here.

And of course, the lack of properly interesting pictures have contributed to the lack of posts as well. You’ll notice that the blog posts tend to increase whenever I take pictures and go to new places.

So here’s some random updates:

  • It’s Easter today, and back in Singapore we call it Good Friday. Same thing basically, but people here like to give Easter eggs (chocolate bunnies too) and the public holiday’s a little longer, stretching from Friday to Monday. So it’s a good long break for people who’re looking to have a short getaway.
  • I’ve been spending my time doing research on our upcoming ski trip to Falls Creek, hopefully back to Halleys Lodge again. It’s a little pricey, as we’re heading there in mid-July but hell, it’s once a year. There’ll be quite a few of us too, so it should be fun! : ) It’s a pity I can’t go with Monash this year though; will miss the discounts and the people.
  • And Cookie’s about three months old now, and she’s learnt to climb over the walls with ease. So I had to “upgrade” the walls, and it looks like she’s sitting in a maximum security prison right now heh heh. Will post photos in a later post. I’ve been training her to jump from the sofa to the floor, first with cushions and now without them. She was whining and totally petrified initially, but she learns fast. One successful jump = no fear thereafter.
  • Some of my photographs on the Moomba fireworks got linked on a NowPublic article titled Crowds flock to Melbourne’s Moomba parade by Rachel Nixon; thanks Rachel!
  • I might be returning in mid-April, hmm.

I’m still hunting around for a suitable cover title image, so this post will be delayed. I linked a picture from Captain, which had all rights reserved on it (but I didn’t really notice that) so he left a comment saying it would be good if I could ask before using the image. And there’s a ton of people who have all rights reserved on Flickr, so heh. All about manners I suppose.


nerdgeek‘s first ever comic strip! funny stuff, so keep checking back at his blog for more updates : )

Weekend Melbourne snaps

[Flinders Street] – V‘s Flickr, 02 Mar ’08

Pictures taken last weekend; one of those rare mornings when we actually bother to get out of the house that early. V thought that the Melbourne Culture and Food Festival was going on, but as it turned out she was 90% right; she missed out on one word.

It was the Melbourne Thai Culture and Food Festival, period.

There were chanting monks, people queuing up to offer donations (something like this usually happens in Orchard Road when there’s a 50% sale on Mango or Zara products), and various Thai foodstuffs/clothes/ornaments being sold as well. We bought a couple of instant Thai curry packets, and the instant green curry didn’t taste half bad, as we found out last night.

Taken last weekend at the Thai Culture and Food Festival: Stan says it’s the cathedral and the Buddha’s vying for attention, which is true. But actually I was trying to show the contrast between the statue (Thai) and the cathedral (Western), so I couldn’t very well focus exclusively on either one of them.

V: Get Animated. One of my favourite energy drinks, ranks way higher than Red Bull anyday.

Leisurely breakfast over at ISSUS (those who’ve come over should know where that is).

Mr Pepper Shaker, bird’s eye view.

Moomba Waterfest 2008 is here! I missed out on yesterday, but I’ll be heading down tomorrow night to catch some snaps of the fantastic fireworks; hopefully they’ll be as good as the ones from last year. (program list)


– Slurpalicious Heidi Klum pictures, yum yum. (via funtasticus)

Independent investigation committee on the escaped JI prisoner includes deputy secretary of the MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs); very cool. We can certainly look forward to the neutrality of the findings heh. (via Mr Wang)

– Informative article from HardwareZone about Intel’s new processor, named the Atom (for obvious reasons) and the rise of the Netbook generation of platforms.

The longest week

[Happy Weekend!快樂週末!] – Pisces Romance on Flickr, 17 Aug ’07.

This is a little late, but Happy Chinese New Year nonetheless, and hopefully it’s been a great weekend for everyone so far.

I’ve had a very long week, but it’s finally all over now. V’s been over at Sydney for the entire week for an external job, so I’ve had a quiet week alone. Had a few dinners out with friends, and one agonising evening where I cooked chicken curry at 730pm, and it was 9pm before I started eating; absolute torture.

Today was a domestic day (as all our Saturdays usually tend to be), going grocery shopping. Got chicken thighs, chicken wings, tomatoes and cabbage; I guess that should be enough to last the week since there’s still eggs and fish fingers in the fridge, and canned food in the cupboard. Stocking up the larder is a very important part of my life here heh heh.

And we bought a 32″ Hitachi LCD TV over at Harvey Norman last weekend, which was a pretty good buy IMO. $900, and an additional $120 for a total of 5 years’ warranty.

The next few days was spent shopping for the right cables, since the TV didn’t come with any. One coaxial cable from the TV point to the TV ($3), one RGB cable from TV to laptop ($15), and a 35mm audio cable from TV to laptop ($2.50). Harvey Norman was selling the coaxial cable at $40, alot of computer shops sold the RGB cable at $20 so we had to look around for a good buy. (It’s times like this that make you wish for Sim Lim Square/Tower.) There’s a supposed difference in quality but the connection’s good enough for me as it is; watching YouTube and DVDs on the TV sure beats the laptop screen hands down.

Sometimes things tend to happen seemingly by accident, and today was one of those days. I’d thought to get off the tram at my usual stop, but was too busy woolgathering to notice. And by the time I got up, the tram door closed so I was thinking whaddahell, the next stop’s not that far anyway so I alighted at the next stop over at Federation Square.

Today’s performer was an entertaining fellow who kept everyone laughing with his quips, and proceeded to wow everyone by balancing on a 10 foot unicycle while juggling machetes. (FYI, a machete is a knife. A big one.) Some things he said made alot of sense.

“I make a living by making people laugh, and to me I reckon I have the bloody best job in the entire world.”

“I’m asking you to donate not to keep me alive, but to keep the streets of Melbourne alive.”

Hmm, food for thought. It made me wonder about job satisfaction, and later in the afternoon I was reading some links Stan sent me the night before.

10 Reasons You Should Never Get a Job by Steve Pavlina

And yes, I donated too, incase you were wondering ;p


Here’s something interesting; the man with a hundred voices.

Random writings, random ramblings, random links

[Random*] – imapix on Flickr, 19 Jun ’06.

I’m getting bored too : )

Had a meetup with some HOTL mates today; Adri, Aloy, Andrew and FL. Kenny Roger’s chicken, endless gaming talk (what would you expect from a bunch of gamers? V was intensely bored lol), and a pool session with Andrew which saw a 6:0 trashing. (I was on the receiving end unfortunately, blah.) Still good nonetheless, to have friends that you can talk comfortably with.

Last night saw an attempt to resume my long abandoned writings. I recently reorganised the contents of my hard disk, and created a folder titled Story ideas. Half-baked literary inspirations are kept inside, in the faint hope of seeing the light someday, fully fleshed out with details, plots and all the nitty gritty bits that make a coherent story.

Here’s something I idly wrote last night, and stopped about an hour or so thereafter:

(There’s no working title yet.)

Life was perfect. At least, as perfect as it could be. He had a job that he liked; he wasn’t exactly in love with the boss, but that wasn’t too bad as far as things went. A wife who loved him with every fiber of her being, and took good care of the house.

A capable housewife she was, but Elise was absolutely hopeless when it came to cooking, as Jon realised early on in the marriage. A week’s worth of dinners that were either burnt or raw taught him that. A month of tentative experimentation in the kitchen soon proved that he was the better chef, and that was the way things came to be in their little home. Jon prepared their meals, and Elise ran everything else in the house with a firm hand.

They had no children of their own, and Jon had been talking about adoption. He loved kids, and passionately believed in imparting the proper values to “the next generation who will inherit the earth”, so he always said with a twinkle in his eyes.

And that perfect life came to a screeching halt one day, when Jon did not return in the evening. It was so unlike him to be late without a call, and Elise waited patiently. If he was held up, it had to be something important. She sat waiting, the minutes ticking by as the dinner slowly grew cold on the table.

The evening shadows lengthened, and turned into nightfall.

Still, Jon did not return.

Something did not feel right, and Elise longed to see him walking up as he usually did, with his rather tuneless whistling and a weary smile from the day’s chores.




“Waii.. hello.. this is Henry Chow. I am rapping for you today.. somefing about a hard life. because my life is hard.. very hard.. like a rock.”

Hilarious ;p


Achmed the Dead Terrorist by Jeff Dunham, seriously funny shit.




Facebook has an application called Secret Crush, which turns out to be spyware instead of harmless fun. Might be good to get rid of it if you did install the thing : ) – via Network World via PCMech

50 Things Men Wished You Knew. (An upgrade of the article in the previous post, so it seems.) I am a total convert of point number 6, which reads “6. Shopping is a chore, not an activity.” Amen : ) – via Men’s Health

– There’s this new Gundam anime series out which looks to be pretty good; check out the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 wiki. Pretty dumb robots, but awesome plot methinks. Intricate politics combined with pitched mecha battles *and* dysfunctional characters, how cool is that? It’s standing at episode 13 now, so watch ’em while you still can catch up!

Exia of the Seven Swords – via

Mayday‘s Ashin aka 阿信 (陈信宏) designs tee shirts as well, woot. There’s not too many designs yet, but take a look at Stay Real! – via SH

Here’s one of the tee shirt designs. – via JUMP! with Mayday!