The showcase performance!

[hot-air ballooning – the liftoff] – Steve from NJ on Flickr, 22nd Jan ’06.

The showcase that I’d written about in earlier entries is actually a regular performance put up by students of the music school once every few months. For our own, and people who have been invited to watch. And it finally arrived on last Sunday afternoon. Gee, the total audience added up to about 40+ people? What a crowd ;p

And that day turned out to be a surprise party for our teacher’s birthday as well (celebration in advance oops, and i had like shit idea about it). Volunteers bringing in food and drinks for the showcase, and soon everyone was crammed into the room, all ready to enjoy.

The first half of the day consisted mainly of individual singing performances. Many of the first-time performers sang really well IMO, and I suck in comparison. It’s like WTF, they had only been learning for a month!? Sighs.

The other groups’ performances were funny as hell, like Tristan/Jack/Edwin’s group, and WL’s 倩女幽魂 act. Quite a few of the guys in other groups were forced to cross-dress in the performances, but WL carried his off with flair to say the least, really bloody hilarious. You had to see it to understand : )

My group’s turn wasn’t too shabby either, despite a lack of rehearsals. Good co-ordination and impromptu dialogue between HY, Kim, YJ and Estee were the factors that carried the entire thing off. YJ’s costume was a riot, to say the least lol. He’s a really one sporting dude to agree to everything and bring it off with style at that : ) i’m certainly glad I wasn’t the one being dressed up. Kim’s exchange with HY over the banana was bloody funny, I really should’ve recorded the entire exchange, damn. But it was YJ who got the most out of the audience, i think they laughed their asses off on his makeup and costume alone, 白雪公”猪”!

i’d missed the earlier rehearsal, so yeah me screwed up. Good thing my role was pretty minor, so no serious damage done to the overall thing, phew.

But I was glad I didn’t miss it, despite running a fever on that day. It was certainly fun! : )



– IDA announces number portability to come soon! This means no more changing of the damn mobile numbers whenever you hop providers, woot! Good good, I’ve been waiting for this.

The 20 tips that got me an IT promotion: good things to keep your perspective in a job, written by Frank on Dumb Little Man. Whine less, work harder. Be positive! – link from Cowboy Caleb.

The last lesson for a while

[Singing in the sunshine] – Rick Leche on Flickr, 22nd April ’06.

Despite having only slept 3 + 2 hours (0800 – 1100, meeting Adri + Andrew for lunch and back to sleep from 1430 – 1630), today’s lesson wasn’t too bad.

Minimal movement in the chest, (something to be happy about) but my scales wavered again at C#, the usual barrier.

Song of the day: Jay’s 安静, my favourite song a long time ago. I was so into this song back then, I even tried my own variations on the chorus, and made my own recording. (That particular rendition sounded horrible, so no I’m not gonna post it up ever again.)

Faults to take note of:
– Open the mouth more!
– Control of muscles at back of tongue still needs more work.

And I’ll be stopping for August, since that month’s already way packed with events, and nope I don’t even have room for vocal lessons, sigh. No more updates till then!



– Here’s a Canon EOS 30D review on HWZ. Niceeee.

Biometric passports to come soon?

MRT price hike coming soon, yay!


[To be revealed later in the post] – colourfulexpressions on Flickr, 2nd July ’06

(This one came up while I was grumpily stomping me way to the MRT in the warm afternoon sun.)

The caption on a picture actually changes your perspective on it, creating a relationship between the two, and the photographer as well.

Take the above picture for example:

What can you tell from the picture? A bunch of brightly colored houses, and a wooden trail leading to the beach. And yeah, a couple standing at the beach.

The photographer chose to title it as Tiptoe Over a Rainbow Trail, and added the following quote to the picture as well:

“Walk on a rainbow trail; walk on a trail of song, and all about you will be beauty. There is a way out of every dark mist, over a rainbow trail. ” – Edward A. Navajo

Gives a lot more meaning to the picture now, doesn’t it?


Song of the week for singing practice: 光良’s 如果你还爱我.

I’ve always liked this one since the first time I heard it on 无印良品’s concert VCD long ago. Very poignant, kinda heartaching. One of my more preferred songs, among his many works : )

But I screwed it up anyway, and bah I still need to brush up on fluency in my enunciation! ARGH.

The breathing’s stabilised by quite a fair bit today, so that’s a good sign. One thing off the checklist! My control over the rear portion of the tongue still needs more work though, I couldn’t really hold the higher notes during the scales.

Practice with E, HY and the rest of the group for showcase on Thursday at HY’s place! HY was kind enough to draw me a bloody map at FM just now, so I’d better not get lost o.O


Joke of the day:

A polar bear, a giraffe, and a penguin walk into a bar. The bartender says, “What is this? Some kind of joke?”

Sing, sang, sung

Here we go about the weekly vocal lesson, with the routine scales being done. The muscles at the back of my tongue still seem to be too tight. So eh, the voice tends to get ‘trapped’ inside instead of being projected outwards instead. Insufficient enunciation as well! I find that over-emphasis on the words tends to make the singing choppy, so I cut down on that and hmm it’s not working too. Gotta find a balance I suppose?

And the ones at the sides of my face are definitely taut as well, since they actually ache when I massage them gingerly. Loosening these actually helps in singing, but I’m not sure how many other music schools actually teach these. Then again gees, welcome to pain.

Singing 温岚’s 祝我生日快乐 wasn’t that bad, but the throat muscles were shivering at the tension during the tougher parts. It was kinda funny at that point, because a classmate thought I was trying for vibrato (i.e 抖音) when I was actually suffering from lack of control, lol.

And it’s kinda deflating sometimes when you see your classmate progressing faster than you do at things like these, argh.


Criss Angel and Cyril Takayama YouTube vid, hmm pretty interesting trick this one. – link courtesy Alvin.

ahlong-ism #2 – definitely not equal!

ahlong and I were catching up last Sunday night, and this happened to be one of the more interesting conclusions. Like he was saying, funny how things like these come out whenever we have our talks lol.

Now, your future spouse is highly likely to be your significant other in the time before that. (That is of course, unless you all got married because of an.. *ah-hem* accident.) Sounds right?

What some people don’t realise of course, is that the reverse doesn’t apply. Your significant other doesn’t always have to be your future spouse!

We were chuckling upon thinking that some people liked to look for a steady other half, with the mindset that they’ll get married. Well if it happens then all’s fine and dandy of course, but yeah you have to accept the fact that it might not work out. Hell, even marriages screw up don’t they?

So yeah, keep an open mind aye? Don’t get too upset when shit happens.


Vocal lesson this week continues to focus on control of the tongue. To be precise, controlling the tip and sides of the tongue. It’s interesting how much louder you can actually sing when you get the hang of it, grins.

The tip of my tongue was numb when the lesson ended though, thanks to the constant use during that one hour. Now to relax the muscles along the sides of the face, hmm. Painful process blah.



A series of photos about the recent millitary US campaign, to the accompaniment of James Blunt’s No Bravery. – source from the WOT-DM mailing list.

ahlong talks about Mr Spock (not THE Mr Spock, I’m referring to the fishy one) in The Doctor is IN.

– Various other happenings; Infusion‘s teaser about his upcoming wedding (!) and E writes on a career leap.

The tennis session

Tennis with Brian on a cool Saturday morning over at his place, and it definitely wasn’t easy.

Running to where you expect the ball to be, then positioning yourself right and returning the damn thing. It requires a hell lot of hand-eye co-ordination, and definitely not something I could do without a ton of practice. I still can’t hit the ball using the centre of the racket, and the ball flew out of the court quite a few times, with one ball even getting lost.

Geez. Fun though, despite the fact that my forearm’s aching and my left thumbs having blisters from gripping the racket.

Let’s hope I don’t hit any more homeruns next time ;p


Vocal lesson today, still trying to still (or rather, reduce) the movements on the chest area. One word, sian. Must work harder at it bah. Another thing’s the lack of smoothness when singing, and I really must try to find out how projecting the voice in a ‘wider’ manner is done.

Brainstorming for the upcoming showcase with E, HY, Kim, Glenn (and WL contributing alot of ideas), and they’re really a spontaneous bunch of people I’ve got to say, with the weirdest ideas lol. Now to see if we can pull it off : )



– Check out Where the Hell is Matt? If you haven’t seen his dancing video before, give it a look. – link courtesy Ah 9‘s Where the hell is Matt?

– Latest bakafish YouTube HG episode’s about his cooking for a kid who hates green peppers – link courtesy Ellen.

Post-exam crap, the boring blog

The first paper was a pile of crap. I kept seeing “Draw a simple diagram” over and over again, and drew a bunch of crappy looking pictures. Realised that I’d already memorised a load of useless stuff, and still had questions I had no answers to. Scribbling furiously, trying to beat the clock. I was writing so fast, my thumb actually went numb (duh). All hail the mighty calculator of Erwin’s, saving the day in the later questions. I wonder if the marker’ll be able to read the wormtrails that I wrote.

I managed to escape from the exam hall, thirty minutes before the end of the paper.

Kiss my arse goodbye, GCO3807!

Second paper today turned out to be worse than the first, despite being easier heh. Even the True/False questions and MCQs were making me go “.. WTH?” Finished way early anyway, and woohoo it’s the end! Next semester starting in a coupla weeks tho, bah.

.. and my thumb’s still numb. I wonder why -.-

I’ve been losing sleep so often the past week, I still get insomnia even after the exams. Man!


Oh yeah, the boring blog. Adri‘s saying me blog’s becoming boring. Aye, what else can you expect from the bored one?


Vocal lesson today, scales as usual. We were told to use our tongues in singing, and surprise surprise, it really helps in clarity. I still suck when I sing though, brr.

Factoid of the day: Apparently my blood circulation’s not too good, since my toenails turn purple during vocal lessons o.O It looked like I had purple nail polish on or something, geez.



A monkey goes shopping on YouTube, dragging his pig along.