When passion for the game overrules all else.

So I got up at 0400hrs today, and watched the Celtics cruise to a victory over the Nets. On a road game. With Pierce scoring less than 10 points.

Man, this has to be some kind of weird mojo game seriously. But it’s good to know my watching live games in the wee hours doesn’t jinx the team or something. The last few times I got up for these 12pm games, the C’s lost every single one of ’em.

I’m still not convinced they’ve found their direction though, it’s still a lucky break to me. Consistency is the key, let’s start streaking before we talk about getting it.

Um, merry Christmas?

[Countdown to 2006…] – heavenuphere on Flickr, 1 Jan ’06.

Well, I was a little late in getting this post off the ground, and the intended Christmas post turned into a post-Christmas post (heh) instead.

Nothing much to write about these days, some private thoughts but that’ll have to be censored in the public domain. I’m running out of moolah due to the general lack of income (it’s been that way ever since I returned), and I foresee the same circumstances until my return to Aussie. Oh well.

On the upside (or downside, depending on how you look at it), I got a Lenovo Thinkpad X61 on the vPost/SingNet offer recently. Great deal, how does forking out $2,100 approx for 24 months’ worth of 3mbps ADSL *and* an X61 (which costs like two thousand odd dollars already) sound? Well it sounded great to me so there we go, more money out the window.

I’m having quite a bit of a shitarsed life over here right now though, thanks to my shortsightedness in not realising that Microsoft Vista Home Basic does not offer free downgrades to Windows XP, fcuk. So I have to buy another XP license (more money), manually reinstall the XP on my new laptop, download all the damn drivers, and find a way to connect an optical drive (because the laptop doesn’t come with one!).

Dang, that’s a whole lot of crap but I’m getting it done. More money out the window, that’s all.

And there’s a nasty spate of flu/cough/sore throat going around these days, take care of yourselves folks. Well wishes coming from me heh, the sore throat’s really getting to me.

Happy New Year (and a germ-free one, hopefully).