Sony PS3: Sleepless on inFAMOUS 2

So I got hold of inFAMOUS 2 at EB Games last Saturday and commenced the usual routine of gaming hard at the expense of losing sleep – a lot of it. Traded the game back today for a full refund, which is something you can do only if you return the game in good condition within a week. So, if you haven’t tried inFAMOUS before this one you should – it’s good training for this sequel. (Tip: PSN offers inFAMOUS as a free download on the PlayStation Store as compensation for the recent PSN outage.)

Basically you’re a superhero (or rather, anti-hero) with electrical superpowers and it’s up to you to save the city. Or to dominate the city, if you’re wanting to be an evil overlord instead of the knight in shining armour. Think GTA, superhero style. With plenty of plot woven into the game, it should keep you engrossed for the next couple of days at the very least.

Some comments on the game:

  • City map is similar to inFAMOUS with two city maps allowing a sandbox environment (so long as you do not trigger the main missions endlessly).
  • I miss being able to recharge while grinding along power cables (from inFAMOUS).
  • The Tesla missile mini-game is a bitch to play, it took me a really long while to get used to the inverted Y controls. Having to do this multiple times just made it more annoying.
  • Sucker Punch came up with an interesting way to make players collect special achievements by linking it to upgrades – no achievements, less power upgrades.
  • BUG: at the Stronghold mission where you have to blow up the militia headquarters with the help of Larouche’s men. Upon beginning the mission, I fired an Ionic Vortex straight into their front gate and a chopper came right up with guns blazing. Looked up at the chopper, fired a few blasts while backpedalling and the screen froze right there. WTF? Turned PS3 off and back on, reloaded the game did the same thing and it happened again. I wasn’t really in the mood to try the game hanging a third time so I tried to make it not hang instead. Curiously enough there was no problem when I moved forward to the intersection turned left and met the chopper over there instead.
  • Tip for fighting the bulky Iceman dude who fires an ice beam while perched on a block of ice: Knock him off his block with rockets, keep at him from a high building with grenades before he gets up and starts beaming you again.
  • Tip for fighting the Behemoth: throw cars at its exposed ribcage, use slow-mo to snipe the exposed pink joints and most importantly, KEEP RUNNING! The pink tentacles from its ribcage guarantees a high chance of death.
  • Tip for fighting almost everything else: run, throw sticky grenades and fire sticky rockets. Recharge, repeat.
  • Tip for fighting hand-to-hand with that tuning fork thing (aka the Amp): Hit on the first enemy twice, then turn the other direction and use your finishing on the second enemy trying take you from behind.
  • The Beast was surprisingly easy to kill.
  • The good ending was uh-what-that-was-it?
  • It’s unlikely that anyone will be unable to complete their grab on the 305 blast shards, since there are so many shards available when you can defuse shard bombs and run after innocent bystanders to kick their asses for shards. Don’t worry about the shard missions affecting your alignment since they make minimal impact. And with Shard Sense coming up near the endgame, it’s almost a guarantee.
  • It’s near impossible to complete the game within a day unless you’re not interested in unlocking achievements – took me four days (with sleep and work) to complete the good ending at 89% completion (I missed a dead drop and couldn’t be fcuked to find that dang pigeon.)