Iron Man 3: More man than armour.

Even though the Mandarin turned out to be some crocked up stage actor in the final episode of the Tony Stark trilogy, I quite enjoyed the ride. Marvel has consistently done an excellent job on the Iron Man movie franchise, and this movie is no exception.

What I really liked about the film was the fact that there was less glitzy visuals on the invincible armoured flying suits, and a sizeable chunk of screen time devoted to the man behind the suit. The Iron Man suits are shown to have their flaws, and are torn apart one after another in the closing segment.

This movie also did a good job on telling a story about relationships; about cause and effect, and the fragility of Stark. Whilst everyone sees him as being invincible behind the suit, the man is haunted, sleepless and suffering. That being said, the movie did not push the emotions too hard. After all, we are watching Iron Man.

Spoiler upcoming, so stop here if you have not watched the flick.

Stark has his shrapnel fragments removed from his body in the end, the arc reactor gets removed and ends up being tossed into the ocean.

Is this the end of Iron Man? Not really. I’m pretty sure Iron Man Extremis is coming right up in the next Iron Man movie. In the meantime, the trilogy closes with Stark as himself, and Iron Man out of the picture. The ending sequence (post-credits) with Bruce Banner acting as resident shrink though, that was a little awkward. It reminds me of the shawarma clip after the Avengers movie heh.

Review: You Are The Apple of My Eye (那些年, 我们一起追的女孩)

Kicking this off with one sentence: rave reviews from countless peers.


I finally got my hands on it (thanks to Stan and Randy), and spent the evening watching it with the family.




科幻这东西,实在奇妙。Only the wings of one’s imagination, can ever govern the limits of one’s mind in flight.

反而,本人其实比较喜欢胡夏所唱着的电影主题曲:《那些年》。 人,曲,词 – 完美的结合,完全符合电影想带出的味道。


If only.

Movies: 风云 2 (Storm Warriors)

So yes, despite all the negative feedback I caught this last night at Crown. Andddd here we go, the beginning of a stream of criticism:

  • 步惊云’s 三霸剑之剑流云: 5 star effort, excellent! His other moves were crap.
  • 步惊云’s 悲痛莫名 looked like a huge ball of water, rather than the sea of slashes that represented the sorrow of the swordsman’s emotions.
  • 无名’s 悲痛莫名 was learnt by 步惊云 at a very young age; what the hell was that about learning it instantly in the movie?
  • Why is 无名 wearing armor? 万剑归宗 felt like a stupid hail of swords z; declasse.
  • 聂风入魔 = Twilight-mode eyes? No blood red devil mode x-ray vision eye? And more importantly: why did he have both eyes in this movie, he was supposed to have only ONE!
  • There was an attempt to follow the canon plot, which told of 聂风 turning into the 麒麟魔, as evidenced by the scales on his body. Not very well explained though, and I doubt the average audience would have realised it.
  • 聂风的风神腿在哪了! He was using fists almost 90% of the time, sigh. Given that fight choreography with kicks on a non-martial artist is extremely tough, but I was sort of looking forward to this bit. 聂风 was so good, he could wield his 雪饮刀 with his feet, as illustrated in the comic with the move 踏雪寻梅. In the movie, we have him brawling like a street fighter.
  • 第一邪王 is no longer the 阴阳 dude who is a half black/white fellow with a male and female arm.
  • 第一邪王 magically knows 绝无神’s weak spot, wow. Magic!
  • 第二梦 has a barely visible deformity on her face, and turns into a pretty chick. Come ON.
  • 第三猪王’s 创刀 is never mentioned in this movie, and neither is his teaching to 聂风. Instead, he becomes this dude who wields a staff. A STAFF wth.
  • 楚楚 knows 武功! Amazing.
  • 绝无神 takes time off the gym, and slims down in this movie. No longer the hulking conqueror.

Anyway, it is tough work adapting a comic to the big screen and I never had any expectations of this being an awesome piece of work, so it’s a watch-and-forget kind of thing for me.

Random: recent events recap – June/July 2009

o hai loyal fans of keinism. welcome back to the bi-monthly update of kein’s life. I was actually thinking that this entry would be a 50% improvement on the last post, being updated only *one* month after the previous, which turned out to be an erroneous judgement pfft.

oh well.

I was scribbling in an A5 notebook I carry around these days, making good use of my time on the train to sum up points for this post.

Part of the page read:

After moving to AU.
less KTV. less movies. less suppers. less phone bills.
less SWEAT and IPPT!

(I think the last two points overruled the earlier ones totally.)

And I concluded recently that my life consists of chasing people up on outstanding items. I nag at my boss for things he owes me, I email my sysadmin daily to keep things moving, I email my web designer to push him along, and I even do it at home (i.e. reminding V to do stuff.) Life is a nag, literally.

I think I should look into potential further integration with Facebook/Wordpress – I update more shit on FB than I do on the blog these days. Maybe when Google Wave comes along, everything will change. Until thennnnnnnnnn, look below.

Random items I have been involved with for the past month(s):
Work. Work has been challenging recently, what with live implementation of the pfsense box as a captive portal (with FreeRADIUS authentication to boot), and to be at the helm on a ride to totally revamp the company website. It feels great to be in control and to be making a difference! (I’ll write a separate entry on pfsense later; did I mention that it’s awesome stuff? But that one’s too techie, so I’ll leave it out in this post.)

inFAMOUS. my boss made an impulse buy on a PS3 recently, and very kindly lent me inFAMOUS. What is that? One of the better games made this year, that’s for sure. It’s been keeping me entertained for the past two weeks.

Short review: great graphics, great gameplay, great plot. Side missions more varied than Assassin’s Creed, but start to get repetitive towards the end. I’m aiming to complete the game by the end of this week.

StudentZone. Current part-time pursuit. SZ is about building up an information website for university students in Australia. Marketing is going in fits and starts however, thanks to WK being too busy with his work in Brunei. Meanwhile, I was busy getting my hands dirty with PHP, Twitter, the Facebook fan page, Google Analytics, and sourcing for article topics. I would appreciate some help on this, so if you have any friends who are studying in Australia (Melbourne especially) – tell them about StudentZone @

Cookie. Started getting cranky and got all aggro on every other human and dog in her vicinity. Barking non-stop, growling and so on.

The solution? I took her for more walks. Try walking your dog at 0700hrs in the fcukin’ morning when it’s five degrees – that’s what discipline is about. And yes, I lack discipline because I gave that idea up after one week. I walk her after dinner these days, which is a little easier. Getting up in this weather takes mind power. A lot of it.

DVD watching. I have been steadily increasing the amount of DVDs at home – Sanity’s earned their fair share from me this year. Damn them and their 3 for $40 sales!

Caught Harold and Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay a couple of nights ago – hilarious. And yes,

Movie watching. Did I say that I hated the Transformers movie franchise? Well, nothing much’s changed. I think Michael Bay is good at what he does, but he messed up the robots big time. Come on, seriously. Decepticons that acted like friggin’ primal beasts instead of intelligent beings? Not to mention the fact that the robots looked like crap. All of ’em. And need I mention how badly Devastator was mashed up? Total WTF moment. Moral of the Transformers 2 movie – you only need the US army, Autobots go home please.

And yes, Megan Fox is still hot. Very delectable. You have to give Bay credit for the slow motion scenes, really. And I watched the movie in a wide screen theatre, so it was slow mo wide screen bouncing in action o.O

That’s it for now.

The end of the exams!

[Exams over !] – shubhangi athalye on Flickr, 23rd Apr ’07.

Woot, the exams’re over! It’s good to know that I won’t be paying anymore school fees to the university in the near future heh heh. As it turned out, I shouldn’t even have bothered to revise -.- The exam didn’t require any memorisation at all, but instead consisted of questions that were more or less direct application of knowledge and stuff. This probably is the subject I have the most confidence in, let’s see how the grades go.

And yeah, I caught Transformers just now, together with V and a couple of friends. It was a really long show (two hours odd), nice buildup to the main action with a lousy ending (“huh what the hell? That does it?”).

My comments?

Megan Fox is hot 😀

Megatron looks like a moron: he transforms into some alien aircraft WTF. (via


Optimus Prime looks like some hotrod trailer truck (via, and he..

.. has a mouth: noooooooooooooooo. (via

Why can’t he be like this? Arrrrrghhhh. (via pumix)

Ratchet was an ambulance, but he becomes a bloody Hummer here. (via transformers rollout)

Bumblebee becomes a Camaro, and hmm seems to be considerably more powerful than he was in the cartoon series.

new Bumblebee (via

I prefer the cute old Bumblebee, sigh. (via

Quite a few of the robot faces are way ugly, but Jazz looks good.

Ironhide looked like this during the initial CGI render; bloody looked like a Gundam rather than anything out of Transformers. But..

: (

Somehow this movie has trampled my childhood memories of Transformers to unrecognisable bits, Z. *hate*

Interesting related links:

Autoblog Transformers movie gallery

Transformers concept art

– Details on Megatron from Jalopnik.

– Watch the original Transformers series on Stage6! I remember the weeks I spent long ago download .rm episodes of Transformers, and now they have DivX-quality episodes online. Damn -.-



I Can’t Give You Anything But Love (Baby) – American Idol performance



– 27 power tips to improve work productivity. Interesting but hmmmm putting it into practice is another story altogether.

– Tips to improve your Google search. Definitely not stuff everyone knows about IMO; like who the hell would use 2002..2007? o.O

Creative Transformer mods from SomethingAwful.

Hot Fuzz: review (and lotsa other stuff)

[Untitled] – Adri‘s Flickr, 7th Apr ’07.

First off, I’ll like to share some pictures Adri took on her recent trip to China. I wish I was there to snap some as well, ugh.

Beautiful eh? Somehow I always appreciate breathtaking nature shots much more than the ones with humans inside.


Next up, movie review. I certainly haven’t done any movie reviews for quite some time, no small thanks to the fact that I didn’t watch any movies, period. Australia’s pretty steep on the movie ticket prices, and AUD$8.50’s about the cheapest you can get. That’s Tuesday (Tight-arse Tuesday, everyone calls it) daytime prices; night tickets are AUD$9.

Dinner at Ajisen, same franchise prob. This was ordered by one of the guys, the ramen’s called Aussie Outback. Not too difficult to see why eh? Look at the stuff that’s inside.

Anyway, I was out with the people from my school’s taekwondo club, and we ended up watching this show called Hot Fuzz. It was supposed to be a comedy, but hmm I suppose you could call it a comedy. In the broadest sense of the definition that is.

You can read the synopsis yourself, but I’ll go on with my review. I seriously have no idea whether to call this film good or bad. Probably more bad than good. I pretty much liked the way they shot the movie, lots of action sequencing cuts. But the plot went from predictable in the beginning to outright insanity after that. Gees, talk about the lack of a plot -.- Total nonsense. It was kinda like you just simply stared on at the movie, unable to comprehend what the hell and why the hell were these things happening, while going “duhhhhhh” in your head.

I liked the dialogue though, lotsa humor in it.

For those who like mindless violence, this one is for you. Plenty of gore and blood, probably even more than 300 heh. Ironic isn’t it ;p

Comfy movie seats, and nowhere as freezing at the ones back in Singapore.


Culinary (or the lack of it) update : )

Fried noodles with sliced carrots, pork, capsicum, eggs and veggies. This one’s not too bad.

Stir-fried beef with capsicum. Bad move, cooked the beef for too long. And yeah, I know I’m not supposed to cook it for too long but then again, I had no idea what too long was. Now I know -.-



– Bill Gates, on 640K of memory being enough for anyone o.O Did he really say that?

Netcosm, funny thing that turns your network into a 3D game heh heh. I don’t know why it’s useful though, other than being eyecandy.

– In the recent Naruto manga chapters, Sasuke begins his own evil empire as he finishes off Orochimaru (so it seems).

Soraya Ghadery on YouTube, totally awesome.

Gang poem recital, part uno. Link courtesy of an old poly mate.

Gang poem recital, part deux.

A Battle of Wits aka 墨攻: review

[A Battle of Wits] – itna on Flickr, 16th Dec ’06

Caught this at Tampines today with ZM and Jack. Great show, lengthy though. I was glad I didn’t end up dozing in the cinema, work+movie usually ends up with me snoring.

Tragic ending, painted a vivid scene of how life might have been like back in the era of the Warring States in China. The endless war and suffering. The misguided ruler, how good intentions can be miscommunicated. The baser nature of humans, as it is.

The way the film was made somehow reminds me of Hollywood flicks. Cue panning scene with the dramatic music scores, that kinda thing. Andy Lau was good in this one, he certainly keeps his touch.


I was taking a quick look through the monthly blog view stats, and hmm I realised that wishbone actually links to me, oops. Not too sure if she knows me in person though.

Hmm.. *ponders*


This MV is way too kewl for words, check it out. Recommended by Estee, way beyond touching.


This map is absolutely hilarious – image link courtesy Cowboy Caleb‘s Grobalizashun According To Sinkaporheans.