Showing a little bit of fandom for Dreamz FM

So I was feeling nostalgic since the weekend, and happily doing what I haven’t been doing in a long time: listening to music. Old music at that. It sounds odd, but I used to belt songs out loud back when I was still in Singapore, and that habit gradually got killed over the years of living in Melbourne.

(It’s called showing respect. Just because my parents didn’t complain about the noise pollution, didn’t mean V wouldn’t. And in case you were wondering, yes she did.)

Horror ensured

It came to a part when I was listening to 梦‧飞船 (Dreamz FM), loving their songs once more and Googling Dreamz FM, and I realised something truly horrific – the band did not exist on the internet. Fragments could be found in the occasional forum. Nothing was in Wikipedia. A few photographs, most of them album cover art. The one Facebook page that claimed to be a fan page for the band, had eight fans. EIGHT. With practically zero content at that. What. The. Eff.

I was flabbergasted. Disgusted. Ashamed. Should Dreamz FM be forgotten in (online) history just like that, with no mention of them at all on our beloved intarwebs outside of the omnipotent Baidu and various Chinese MP3 websites? Something had to be done. And so, I did.

And so it came to be.. on Facebook

I present to you, the Dreamz FM 梦‧飞船 Facebook page. At the very least, it contains everything I found tonight: forum mentions, YouTube videos and playlists, a short biography plus track listings of their three albums: some content to keep the love alive. Like it, share it, and may your likes keep our memories of that wonderful group alive forever.

Incidentally, here’s my favourite track of the night from their third album, 航行记录3.


歌 作曲:梦飞船
词 编曲:林毅心

爱 是否就是等待
我徘徊 于放弃的无奈
在 7-11的门外


^Oh Baby 如果我不再回电
消失了 你会不会发现
曾经让你依靠的肩 会不会眷恋
才能告别 等待的厌倦
结束 7-11的爱恋

重复 * ^

Oh Baby 如果我不再回电
消失了 你会不会发现
曾经让你依靠的肩 会不会眷恋
才能够告别 等待的厌倦
结束 7-11的
7-11 的爱恋

消失了 你会不会发现

才能告别 等待的厌倦

消失了 你会不会发现

Rediscovering Hanson.

My first part-time job after secondary school involved stacking pillowcases in a warehouse. It wasn’t exactly backbreaking labour, I got paid decent wages and that was pretty much it. Incidentally, that was where my first contact with Hanson came about, listening to Where’s The Love on a workmate’s MD. I was hooked on Hanson for a while after that, being quite impressed with the tracks from their Middle of Nowhere album. Such a young group, and so full of promise!

Years passed, and I moved on to many other singers, many other bands. As chance would have it however, I came across Hanson by accident on YouTube, and their performance at the 2011 V Festival absolutely had me enthralled.

In a way, it felt like I was seeing old friends, familiar yet strangely grown up. Out of impulse (I do this a lot, making gut decisions over logic), I managed to get tickets to Hanson’s second concert in Melbourne, after the first show was sold out.

Listening to their music really impressed me to no end, because of the fact that their music still retains the familiar Hanson flavour, albeit with a much more mature overtone. One of my favourites right now, has got to be Underneath:

I really liked their documentary Strong Enough To Break too; very real, and it’s really amazing to actually see them at work, putting the pieces together on a song. And of course, the emotional ups and downs, the trials that they had to endure to actually produce and release the album.

All that said, I’m looking forward to the concert later in the evening. Hoping to have a smashing time!

Memories with Jacky – 張學友 1/2 世紀演唱會

In 2007, V and I went to our first Jacky Cheung concert, when he came over to Melbourne on his 张学友2007世界巡回演唱会. It was an excellent experience seeing him up live, and I was really impressed at the way he performed; vigorous, little rest and giving his all and entertaining everyone with his music. My grasp of Cantonese back then was really basic, and it was a pity I could not fully understand his words at that time. A lot of other Chinese fans were more incensed, and kept yelling “讲国语!” (Speak Mandarin!)

Four years later, he’s returned to Melbourne once again and we caught his concert last night. Four years of exposure to Cantonese, better prepared and this time with Stan and Ting in tow; my daughter’s getting prenatal Jacky music! He’s aged in these years, and no longer as vigorous in his dance moves as he was before. But his vocals are still as inspiring as ever, and his face more expressive as ever when he’s immersed in the theme of the music. More Mandarin spoken this time, we suspect it’s due to demands from Chinese sponsors. It’s a good thing the songs were more or less split evenly, half Cantonese and half Mandarin; I began with his Mandarin songs, but grew to love his Cantonese ballads.

Unlike the 2007 concert which had a mini-musical (a mix of 雪狼湖 and 如果。爱 songs), this one encompasses several themes and had a distinctly Broadway feel to it. The first, a love story starring 舒淇 and himself, with various songs introducing passion, romance, love, heartbreak and finally reunion. I was really impressed, as this set had at least five consecutive songs with costume changes and he never took a single break.

One of my favourite songs from the concert, 你是我今生唯一傳奇 from an old album. The vocals, the music and the lyrics are just filled with so much love and romance, and 学友’s expressions make it easy for you to believe in his love and joy.

原來是你 靠向我手臂 無意地

仍然難信 你眼裡的愛情意味

*愛原來是我 未想過你會這麼
 你天生這樣美 竟愛著我難以負荷
 愛人原來是我 贈給我暖暖愛火
 暖得心也在醉 情似落霞在飛*

#我真幸運 愛你愛你愛你夕陽也夢寐
 我今生有你 唯一這個傳奇
 我真幸運 有你愛我每對眼睛也妒忌
 要這一世裡 唯一一個心愛的你#

這一刻伴你 這一刻望你
斜陽迷醉 和我這片心醉成一起


He then progressed to jazz renditions of a few songs which was not as well-received by the audience. For example, a jazz version of 离开以后 hmmmmm. We agreed that his voice just isn’t all that suited to jazz, it does not feel smooth enough for some reason. Not the technique, just the voice.

An animated sequence of his life events followed, with his song Life Is Like A Dream as the background, showing a baby Jacky growing up into his teens, manhood and finally climaxed with an aged whitehaired Jacky, plenty of wrinkles and looking like an old granddaddy. Ah, the wonders of digital art. This was in line with what he said he wanted to show, the various facets of himself, not just the ballad singer, but also the jazz lover, his life, and his ability to dance. To prove this of course, he followed up with fast-paced dance songs like 饿狼传说 and 头发乱了, and never once did he sound like he was out of breath.

It’s Stan’s first time seeing him up live, and he was also pretty impressed by Jacky’s expressive and throbbing vocals. He basically grew up on music I listened to, so you can count Jacky into one of the many musical influences he had in younger days.

I was quite touched by something he said at the concert – “我不单是个喜欢唱歌的人,我也是个喜欢唱歌给喜欢听我唱歌的歌手.” I know it might not sound like much, but I think showing appreciation to the fans after all these years just strikes a chord.

Listening to the many familiar and classic hits somehow just evokes past memories. Of those times when I would laboriously copy lyrics of his song in the neatest hand I could manage, all in a school exercise book. Of going to sleep with his music, earphones plugged in and Walkman playing. Of learning to sing in Cantonese; because when sung, the dialect is so achingly emotional and beautiful. Of learning how to sing, and loving singing. Of grey days, and how his music was the sole company I had. It’s been eighteen years since I started listening to him, and I’m glad to realise that I’m still a fan and to be reminded of the comfort in his songs back in those gawky and awkward days of my life.

V gets tired easily these days, and she isn’t a big 学友 fan, not the same way I am anyway. She was constantly yawning throughout the concert, coming to something like this after a long day at work isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world. But I’m thankful she did not gripe in any way about this night, which allowed me to immerse myself in his music and the entire performance.

The concert ended at 2330hrs, the standard stop time for events at Hisense Arena. No encore, that was it. The last song was 祝福, and I was temporarily reminded of a time long ago, when I was still a nerdy twelve year old in Secondary One attending the first ever Swim Camp at Pasir Ris NTUC chalet. A bunch of us kids, singing along to photocopied lyrics of 学友’s 祝福 from the last page of 星期五日报. Innocent, carefree days long past.

有缘,就能期待明天。很高兴有这个机会再次倾听你的音乐,也很感谢能再次沉醉在你的歌声。 学友哥,下次再见!

Musical: Jersey Boys rock!

I finally caught Jersey Boys a week ago, after an entire month of waiting. Was it worth the wait? Absolutely. The performance was captivating, to say the least. Or perhaps it’s because I’ve always been a fan of oldies music. The co-ordination, acting and singing involved in the entire performance was massive, and I think the ticket price is well worth it. In fact, I would highly recommend anyone and everyone else to catch it. Then again, I have probably said the same to ten people, and received ten different versions of a skeptical and doubtful “uhh-ok-I’ll-think-about-it“. Oh well.

To catch a sneak peek of how the performance is like, head over to Jersey Boys Australia’s video page, and click on Medley.

And did I mention that Frankie Valli, the original lead vocal for the Four Seasons is still going impressively strong at his age? Have a look at his rendition of Sherry:

Tips on ticket buying:

  • Book early, good seats are hard to get on a last-minute basis. You won’t want shitty seats on such a great performance.
  • Be prepared to spend for a good seat. A reserve seat is $120 a pop on a weekend noon – but definitely worth it.
  • Get the CDs if you are hooked after the show – very, very worth it.

I’m thinking of catching Jersey Boys again hmm. On a director’s seat this time round. Verrrrrry tempting heh heh.

Music: L’Arc En Ciel – Hitomi No Jyuunin

Still wonderful after so long. (Hyde’s vocals are inhumanly powerful.)

Artist: L’arc en Ciel
Title: Hitomi no Jyuunin (In your Eyes)
Words: Hyde
Music: Tetsu

I don’t know how long… but it’s been some time,
how much do I really know about you?
following the map with my fingertips isn’t getting us anywhere,
I see how it distresses you in your face,
so much you try to conceal it.

It’s strange… how even as I run in circles
as if resisting my advance to a busy future
my heart still draws you.

When I looked up, the radiance had filled the sky
without losing any of its lustre.
If only we could be like that sun always shining.
I want to be embraced in your scent… if just a little longer
the outside air pulls my collar, but I turned my back to it.

my sighs blurring white in the air,
inform me of the season.
going through it again, a thought occurred to me,
What am I doing here?

I want to stay here watching you smile forever
I want to live each changing moment in your eyes,
in that one scene forever colored in gentle huesto bring us close together,
I want to stop time forever.

I want to stay here watching you smile forever
I want to live each changing moment in your eyes,
If one day I could bring you to a serene season
to the flowers blooming in the sky like snowflakes. …to the flowers

kazoekirenai… demo sukoshi no saigetsu ha nagare
ittai kimi no koto wo dore kurai wakatteru no ka na?
yubisaki de chizu tadoru you ni ha umaku ikanai ne
kizuiteiru yo fuan sou na kao kakushiteru kurai

isogiashi no ashita he to teikou suru you ni
kakemawatteite mo fushigi na kurai…
kono mune ha kimi wo egaku yo

miagereba kagayaki ha iroasezu afureteita
donna toki mo terashiteru ano taiyou no you ni nareta nara

mou sukoshi dake kimi no nioi ni… dakareteitai na
soto no kuuki ni kubiwa wo hikare boku ha se wo muketa

shiroku nijinda tameiki ni shirasareru toki wo
kuriokaeshinagara futo omou no sa…
naze boku ha koko ni irun darou?

soba ni ite zutto kimi no egao wo mitsumeteitai
utsuriyuku shunkan wo sono hitomi ni sundeitai
dokomademo odayaka na shikisai ni irodorareta
hitotsu no fuukeiga no naka yorisou you ni
toki wo tomete hoshii eien ni soba ni

ite zutto kimi no egao wo mitsumeteitai
utsuriyuku shunkan wo sono hitomi ni sundeitai
itsunohika azayaka na kisetsu he to tsuredasetara
yuki no you ni sora ni saku hana no moto he … hana no moto he…

*Lyrics from the dreams of gandung.

Music: Mayday 麥來亂

I have been listening to this song on repeat non-stop, every morning and evening. Very emotional, and so very achingly touching.


眼淚鹹 哭到眼淚 不鹹 過一天 痛一天 一天親像 一冬
過一冬 你又找阮 開講 你說你 你想我 我的一冬 攏無採工

講你猶原思念 擱再給阮希望
最怕你 說你愛我 心擱破洞 我擱山崩

電話我也不接 找我我也不睬
麥來亂 無緣的人 麥擱來亂 去愛別人

真感謝 感謝你的 陪伴 自屏東 到基隆 走過這多 美夢
夢醒了 咱是無緣 的人 拜託你 麥回頭 麥擱問我 目眶怎紅

為怎樣 我奈這白目 我奈這飯桶 啊
明知影 你是這危險 啊擱學不會 閃
放著你 甲我的青春 甲我的生活 攏拆吃入腹


(Quoted from a comment on Blinkymummy’s post)

《麥來亂》 曲 / 怪獸 詞 / 阿信






*Have been busy with other stuff, will get around to updating again. New pictures!