The day trip out

[Bad aiming] – V‘s Flickr, 23rd Feb ’07

The school had a day trip planned on Friday, titled Around the Bay in a Day. It sounded interesting, so I signed us up for it during orientation early thislast week. A trip round the area, to several spots, and dinner was included so hmm why not? We would save one round of dishwashing and cooking dinner at the very least. We had to reach school way early though. Inhumanly bloody early -.-

.. well, 9 a.m. was early to me heh.

We boarded the bus, and it was time to go!


Spot #1: Arthur’s Seat Mountain.

Morning fog, well done. It totally spoilt our splendid view of the beach and the houses there.

(In a word, suay.)

The buses that brought us here. There were seven buses in total o.O Imagine the amount of students that came.

Arthur’s Seat, hmmmmmm. According to the inscription, a couple of pilots crash and burnt there.

This tower would’ve provided a good view, if not for the fact that it was closed. Curses, foiled again!

And the fog lifted right after we descended the mountain. The driver slowed down at the bends to allow us time to take pictures, but of course none of us got any good ones. It didn’t help that I was on the wrong side of the bus, blah.

Driver: Had a good shot?

Everyone: No!

Driver: Well I’m not going back. Maybe I’ll reverse uphill later for you.



Spot #2: Sorrento.

This place’s more like a seaside town than anything else. Pretty sleepy and quiet.

And we had our lunch here. Packed egg and bacon sandwiches, hastily cooked in the morning.

The sign reads: Don’t go past the best pizza around. I guess they kinda ignored it heh heh.

This cafe was bloody expensive; fish and chips at $15 o.O Kill me please.

Nothing in particular; I just thought the flag looked nice waving in the breeze.

Funny figures, all standing in welcome.

You can tell it’s a seaside kinda place when there’s a board listing the tides.

I would love to go back to this ice cream place again. The Jamaican rum & raisin ice cream was absolutely.. slurps. V thought so too. No way anything else in Singapore could compare to this!

(Damn, I’m feeling hungry again.)

My slurpalicious ice cream. Whatever was left of it when I got back to the bus anyway.

Relatives by appointment; friends welcome.” LOL


Spot #3: Still Sorrento, but on to the ferry!

Splendid view from the top.

Everyone busily taking photos, horsing around or simply working hard to get skin cancer.

The driver/tour guide said there might be dolphins around the ship, but nooooo, no dolphins! *grumbles*

And soon enough we were reaching Queenscliff.

We were supposed to stopover at Queenscliff (at least that’s what the itinerary said), but we were late and so carried on to our next stop right after we left the ferry : (


Spot #4: Geelong.

Geelong’s another suburb with a coastline. Quiet beach, nothing much. It seems like it’s more of a sailing spot rather than surfer land.

Ferris Wheel! 😀

But I didn’t get up on it.

I got this shot pretty close, woot. If only my zoom was a better one.

The single’s chair.

Ice cream truck! This one sold authentic Italian gelato ice cream 😀 Yum.

Poor sod.

The Ferris Wheel seemed like such a great match against the blue skies that I couldn’t help but take more pics.


And it was finally back to school for dinner.

The one thing that really caught my eye was this though:

Basketball, anyone? : )

And that more or less ended the trip. V and I sneaked off after the dinner before the bush dance began heh heh. Hope you guys enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed taking them.