Keinian ideals – Talking straight to your boss

Taking into consideration the fact that your boss is the one who keeps you on a stable income, would it be right to shut up when he makes a mistake?

The tried and tested theory comes into mind here:

“Keep your head down, shut up and just work.”

I’m pretty sure a lot of people out there are pretty intolerant of criticism, especially when it’s directed to them. Chances are those same people would not stand for it, not when it’s their subordinate who is making the comments.

This reply would probably sound familiar:

“Now now, who are you to criticise me? You’d be working in my position if you were that good!”

While this might be a remotely valid point, it smells more like a defensive retort than a logical comment. It’s interesting how people will accept humbly critical comments from people they deem their superior, but fail to objectively listen to feedback that comes from a channel they deem as inferior.

Having to swallow your pride and listen to negative feedback in a neutral mindset takes alot of practice, but I would think it speaks volumes on your character. Active listening is the first step towards self-improvement; the first but a definite big step in the right direction.

That’s brain food for the boss/management people. For the subordinates, I’m always a firm believer in the point that you should speak up whenever things go wrong, and more so when it’s your boss that screws up.

Face up to what you believe is right, and do not take the silent approach to things. You are voicing out for the good of the company; to improve the way things are and not because you happen to be waging a personal vendetta towards your boss. Maybe you do hate him a little because he’s screwed up, but be objective! Try to comment positively on possible ways to improve the situation, and things might actually turn out for the better.

Nothing’s impossible after all, so give things a go and try it.