Basketball: Time to shape up!

So things are picking up and some of the guys (along with me of course) are forming a team to join up on a local basketball league. That’s a new phase of my life starting right there woohoooooo! Never been in a league before lots of fun things ahead I’d say. It would’ve been better if all our regular group people could join in the team but not everyone’s keen on playing in a league (prob due to dirty stuff people pull) but I’m counting my blessings and just feeling happy that at this stage of life, I’m still healthy and able to play ball the way I like.

Wanted to get 14 as my jersey number originally (after Hisashi Mitsui in SLAMDUNK), but Hin wants it too so I’ll be taking 11 instead. Yes yes cue all the puking people, I’m a zillion miles off from what Kaede Rukawa looks like but suck it up!

One of the things about the team though, it looks like I’d have to end up playing C, a position I thought I had left behind in Singapore ages ago. Oh well, at least I’ve played the spot before and if someone else comes along I’m more than happy to step aside and let him do the honours instead. My main objective will be to maintain the zone, keep idiots from cutting in along the baseline, plug the holes, box out and get the rebound – the other guys can have all the pleasure of scoring heh heh.

So my physique has significantly deteriorated in these years of staying in Melbourne, all the muscle gained from those fun days at the gym with XQ have bade their farewells one by one. Time to restart the training program and kick my ass back into shape! Primary focus this time will be on triceps, back and shoulders; I realised that my triceps are consistently the first muscle group to feel soreness after basketball, especially when banging it down in the paint with a bigger guy.

Checked my 1RM yesterday and I’m about 15kg when doing a seated triceps press. That’s a good starting point to build on for now, I think I’ll focus on sets of 8-10 reps at about 60% RM and see how things go. Ordered the creatine and WPI, free shaker bottle and the gear is mostly set. Have to feel lucky that I have a gym right downstairs really, think I’m really gonna miss it when I move out.

Another thing to work out, much as I hate this – running. Hello treadmill, let’s hope I don’t faint from boredom.